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American Airlines Will Donate To January 6th Objectors In Congress Again

man speaking on microphone
Jul 24 2021

American Airlines revealed that in June the airline made a contribution through its PAC to an objector to the certification of the Presidential election: Sam Graves from Missouri. However American defended this saying that he may have went along with stopping the democratic process and calling into question the election – but he supports government subsidies for airlines.

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6 Year Old Demands Southwest Airlines-Themed Birthday Party

Jul 24 2021

Southwest Airlines has long had a ‘fun’ motif. That’s been part of the culture from the beginning, and was fostered by their underdog position – the big airlines sued to keep them from ever flying, they struggled early on and had to pitch together to keep a four-plane schedule even after giving back their fourth plane.

Though they grew to became the largest carrier of domestic passengers in the United States, the early spirit does still come out.

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Who Is Linda Walker And Why Does She Have So Many Credit Cards?

Jul 24 2021

Chase credit cards, in card images and other samples, generally have the name “D. Barrett” embossed on them. American Express sample cards bear the name “C F Frost” but many years ago were issued to “John Q Public.” Frost was an Ogilvy & Mather executive who worked on the Amex account in the 1960s.

Today I learned who Citi’s “Linda Walker” is.

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Why Marriott Rewards Is Better Than It Was Before The Starwood Merger

outside marriott hotel
Jul 23 2021

I dunk on Marriott a lot for its failure to deliver on promised benefits, for its clueless customer service agents, and its broken IT. And Starwood members are generally unhappy with the Marriott Bonvoy program. To be fair, benefits aren’t received as consistently as they used to be for Starwood members. The credit card’s earning isn’t as rich. And top status is harder to earn, with a minimum spend requirement at the 100-night level to receive ‘Ambassador’ service that no longer includes an individual assigned Ambassador.

However, for Marriott Rewards program members the Starwood merger has surprisingly been a blessing and that’s really easy to forget.

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