[POSTING FOR MORE PEOPLE] Easy 100,000 Miles From Brex And Paypal

Update: August 6, 2021: Several readers report receiving an email saying they weren’t really eligible under the (more or less non-existent) terms but they’ve now been awarded the points anyway.

We’re writing to follow up on our recent promotion with PayPal. Our records show that you applied for but did not receive the promotional award of 100,000 Brex points as you did not meet certain eligibility requirements outlined in the promotion’s terms.

Brex and PayPal value their relationship with you and have reevaluated the previous eligibility determinations. We’re happy to grant you the full promotional award of 100,000 Brex points, which should be reflected in your Brex rewards balance.

Update June 26, 2021: My points posted sometime on June 25. I have heard from readers who report the same. Lots of wondering if we’d ever see the points, but that was an easy 100,000 points transferrable to other programs or worth a thousand bucks…

Update April 28, 2021: Readers report this offer is no longer available. It is no longer on the Brex site, although the lead generating form is on the Paypal site still. Presumably those who already clicked through, but have not yet had their conversations with Paypal to set up accounts, can still do so.

One report suggests those who took advantage of the deal will see their points in mid-May (HT: Doctor of Credit),

I asked Brex when the points would post and they couldn’t tell me. A few days later I checked again and and they told me:

    PayPal will be providing us with a list of customers eligible for this bonus offer once each month, which is when we will grant those points. Since this offer with PayPal started in mid April, we would expect you to receive the points sometime in mid May.

Many of you signed up for Brex when they were offering 110,000 points to new accountholders. I know I did. Well I’ve mentioned getting 100,000 Brex points (which transfer to miles) for signing up for Paypal merchant processing. And it was probably the quickest and easiest 100,000 points I’ve ever earned.


PayPal offers customers more ways to pay, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo and Pay Later options. PayPal also offers a seamless checkout experience with fewer clicks to help drive conversion and faster access to funds.

Sign up for PayPal payments processing and receive 100,000 Brex points

To redeem:
  1. Visit this landing page and complete the form
  2. A PayPal sales associate will reach out to identify the right solution for your business
  3. 100,000 Brex points will be granted after the contract and integration are complete and payment processing begins
Terms and conditions for this offer:

Offer available for new PayPal processing customers only, must include card processing in the integration.

Earning 100,000 Points In 15 Minutes

It took me a few days to get around to, but I pulled the trigger on the Brex Paypal offer and it was a lot easier than I had anticipated. All you need to do is log into your Brex account, click on Paypal under Rewards in your account, and fill out a lead generation form for Paypal.

Paypal says they’ll contact you within a couple of days, but you can call them right away at 855- 787-4321 and selecting option 2. The agent I got on the line right away was familiar with Brex and even knew I’d get 100,000 points for this, assured that they communicate back to Brex, but said to be sure to use the same email address with them that I use with my Brex account and to link my Brex account as a bank after creating business Paypal account.

Miles Earn and Burn says it took him only three minutes to set up the account. It took me a little longer, but it was certainly less than 20 minutes while the agent on the phone walked me through setting up Paypal for Business and linking it to my Brex account. He also offers this bit of advice for cutting down on the time you’ll spend,

For the fastest phone call possible, tell the PayPay merchant services agent them you want to set up a merchant account with “online invoicing” as the only payment method that your business needs to accept and that you’re setting it up as part of the Brex integration. They’ll walk you through sending a test payment to yourself of $1.00, and put you on the list for 100,000 points. Just make sure your PayPal and Brex accounts have the same email address — create a new PayPal business account if they don’t already match.

What Are Brex Points, And How Do You Use Them?

Brex Cash is a no fee cash management account for deposits, making payments and electronic transfers (international wire transfers are free to send and receive even). It includes a credit card that works like a rewards-earning debit card. Charges come out of your Brex cash account daily (you can also apply for a Brex credit card with monthly statements).

In addition to points you may earn as part of setting up the account, you earn rewards for spending on your Brex card – and for taking advantage of offers like this one from Paypal.

Brex points can be redeemed in cash, gift cards, or travel (1 cent per point) or you can transfer to airline loyalty programs:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air France KLM
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates Skywards
  • JetBlue
  • Qantas
  • Singapore

You get Star Alliance, oneworld, and SkyTeam rewards access along with Emirates and JetBlue, and popular programs you can combine into with other transferable points like Air France, Cathay, and Singapore.

Creating A Brex Account

If you don’t already have a Brex account, you’ll need one to take advantage of this Paypal offer. This referral offer is for a $250 Amazon gift card. I don’t know of any better current offers, though if you do please share them in the comments (and feel free to share your own referral links as well, this is mine).

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  1. @ Gary — I told the rep I was calling about the Brex promotion, but there was no mention of putting me on “the list for 100,000 Brex points”. We spent 25 minutes on the phone setting things up. When I asked again about Brex at the end of the call, he said that he had sent an email with instructions on linking my new PayPal business account to a Bank (including Brex). I followed those steps, so everything is now setup.

    Anyway, should I be concerned about the lack of mentioning said “list”? Can you let us know how many days it takes for you to receive your 100,000 points from call to posting?

  2. Gary did your points actually post? Brex normally is quick to email back but I asked how long it will take for points to post and they never responded.

  3. Just called. Incidentally the offer is gone from my Brex account rewards page. I used your link to fill out the form and called anyways. The rep was aware of the brex offer and set me up with the online invoice option in less than 15 minutes. I confirmed with her that she’d put my email on the list to send to Brex. I actually think the online invoice and QR code feature is a good option for business! Fingers crossed for the 100K!

  4. Just another data point. I signed up for this last week and Brex told me via online chat that it can take up to 30 days to credit to my account. I asked her to look up and make sure I’m on the list and eligible and she said yes. Let’s see in mid May if this posts.

  5. I went through all of the processes and we even implemented PayPal on our platform, whereas we had originally planned to use Stripe. Two months have now passed I have not received the points. Only a run-around between PayPal and Brex. Have others received their points yet from this promotion?

  6. @ Ari — No. People have begun filing CFBP complaints. See Gary’s link to the Doctor of Credit thread above.

  7. For those that received the points, when did you sign up? I signed up on 4/27 and have yet to receive the points as of 6/26.

  8. @Danny – I signed up for the promotion through the PayPal button on Brex on 4/27, actually spoke with the PayPal CSR on 4/28 and got the Merchant Account up and rolling for invoicing, then setup the Card Processing on 4/29.

  9. I signed up on 4/27 and still have not received my points. I reached out to Brex support via chat today and was told:

    “Thanks for reaching out! We are still waiting to hear back from Paypal regarding points eligibility. I truly understand how frustrating this is, and we are trying our best to get this sorted out because we have quite a few people waiting! I sincerely apologize for this! Paypal is currently working on a landing page/direct line for people to direct their points inquiries to, and we will be emailing all of our customers directly when this is live. At this moment there is no action needed from you, we will do our best to keep you updated! I do not have an exact timeline, but the last contact we received from them regarding this landing page was three days ago. We know they are actively working on getting it ready to launch.”

  10. I’ve been bugging them once per week on this. They keep saying PayPal did not include me on the “list”. I’ve called PayPal and they see that my account is Integrated with my Brex account. Unfortunately they know nothing of the Brex promotion. I followed every step of the promo. My guess is that I will never get the bonus.

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