New 14 Gate Concourse Replaces The Worst Gate In America On April 20th

The worst airport gate in America is 35X at Washington National across the river from D.C. You descend an escalator into a crowded pit with insufficient seating, where you wait to be dispatched into crowded buses that take you across the airport. And your reward for this has been a cramped American Eagle 50 seat regional jet.

The best we can say about it is that it brought together the likes of Robert Mueller and Donald Trump, Jr. and no matter how powerful the politician they were all brought back down to earth by 35X.

American’s Shuttle Bus to Gate 35X at Washington National Airport

In one month however 35X will be retired. I reported it last month and now it’s confirmed.

Washington National airport has built an entire new concourse to replace one miserable gate, gates 46 through 59, and it’s almost finished. It will have a soft opening April 20.

“After the concourse opens, work will continue behind temporary walls and after hours to advance the rest of the building to the finish line,” the authority said in the statement.

The remaining construction will mean detours for passengers coming from Gates 35 to 45 going past the north security checkpoint, the [Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority] said.

Currently 14 remote stands support 50 seat regional jets. The new gates will support large 76 seat regional jets and connects to Terminal C. It features an American Airlines Admirals Club and more than 14,000 square feet of retail and food offerings. Among the restaurants expected to occupy the new building are Elevation Burger, Mezeh Mediterranean Grill and Founding Farmers.

Here’s a haiku about Washington National’s gate 35X.

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  1. Not meant to be rude, but is there any sort of editing/proofing that goes into a post? I can understand if you have a “scoop” and are in a hurry to beat the next “journalist,” but in a lot of cases it looks careless. Please take this as constructive criticism. Ultimately, it’s your page, do what you want. That said, I think people would be much more willing to take things seriously if these simple errors weren’t spread throughout each post.

  2. I echo what hotintx says. “Across the rover from DC”. I assume you mean river. Lazy, careless, credibility destroying. Are you really in such a hurry to post/ so consumed with whatever it is you do that you cant just a minute to do some very basic proofreading? I live in DC and I’m excited to see this happening at DCA and I was excited to see your post, until I ran smack dab into your careless writing from the get-go that I had to carefully wade through to ensure I got the full picture. Put in some effort if you want to be taken seriously.

  3. Sorry @newsies no. I’m not asking for perfect journalism. But I’d like basic proofreading and grammar review prior to posting. You don’t have to be a graduate of the Northwestern journalism school to understand there’s a difference between the words “rover” and “river”. I’m asking for a basic proofread. Nothing more.

  4. Hi Jason,

    Some basic proofreading-

    “Are you really in such a hurry to post/ so consumed with whatever it is you do that you cant just a minute to do some very basic proofreading” is a run-on sentence, missing an apostrophe in the “can’t” and the “just a minute” is in the wrong place.

    Probably would be better to split into two sentences, as “Are you really in such a hurry to post? So consumed with whatever it is you do that you can’t just take a minute to do some basic proofreading?” would be much more effective and clearer.

    You don’t need to be a graduate of the “Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University”, to get your comments factually accurate. Since I paid as much for your comment as I did Gary’s original post, some basic proofreading is only reasonable, particularly when you want to be the grammar police…

  5. Have not been there during the pandemic. It was very confusing with a couple of flights boarding at the same time. Once the new terminal is open, I will have to find an excuse to fly American. Founding Farmers would also be a good addition, though personally I look forward to having a Centurion lounge in a year or two. Any idea when the new security checkpoints will be open and you can visit any restaurant without having to go through security again?

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