Robert Mueller and Donald Trump, Jr Spotted Together – at Washington National Gate 35X

Robert Mueller and Donald Trump, Jr. were spotted together waiting for flights this morning at Washington National’s Gate 35X. (HT: Dan R.)

They were both on American Airlines regional flights. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the son of the President, or if you have an unlimited scope and the full resources of the federal government at your disposal to investigate that President. Everyone is brought down to size at Gate 35X. Truly, it is the most humbling aviation experience in the country.

I’ve written before that the previous administration could have closed the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and just moved terrorism suspects to this gate.

35X is a waiting area before you head down an escalator to one of several bus gates.

This is generally considered to be the worst gate in America, and the airport is replacing it with an entire concourse. Here’s a haiku about Washington National’s gate 35X though I would remove the second ‘very’ from the second line in order to give it seven syllables.

American’s Shuttle Bus to Gate 35X at Washington National Airport

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  1. Could have been more interesting if they both ended up near the Robert Mueller (unrelated) meeting room in Austin 🙂

  2. Don Jr. is flying American Airlines.

    Does this mean American has now begun accepting rubles for payment?

  3. Yeah, but look at the x.
    It’s no ordinary x.
    We’ve gone and made it one of the biggest and best x-es in the world;
    Better than anyone else’s x.
    Everyone wants our x-es because we build the best x-es in the world.
    And we’ve made it bigly so it looks like an X not an x (Kim’s not got one).
    Let’s make America great and make a lot of things eX.

  4. What no Admiral’s Club access for the special prosecutor or the son of a billionaire? Maybe they went to the gate early so as to not miss boarding earlier than the posted boarding time.

  5. Gate A4A at Midway should also be in the running for the worst-gate-in-America prize..

  6. Ha, I flew out of that AA gate about a month ago. It’s bad, but the United [Express] A1A-A6F terminal gates at Dulles airport are far worse, IMO.

  7. As the Cohen tape confirmed yet again, Trump lies over and over and over about everything. And he should lie about his knowledge of the Trump Jr. meeting at Trump tower because foreknowledge of the meeting and the communications to set it up and subsequently publicly imploring Russia to hack Clinton and the dems is prima facie evidence of conspiracy (collusion). Case closed, or at least closing.

    In addition to other stuff they may have on Trump and family, his lies give the Russians kompromat because they know he and others are lying and could easily expose them directly or indirectly. It must be recognized that, while there is no conclusive proof that is currently publicly available, the likelihood that Trump may be willing to put the national security interests of Russia above those of the United States is more than remote. That risk is disqualifying. His shocking performance with Putin in Helsinki underscores the point.

    World leaders have learned how to play Trump. It is so simple. Make an agreement that means nothing but which Trump will claim as a great victory. Agreements on open skies, so-called trade agreements with China and the EU, and North Korean denuclearization are examples. The art of the deal is the art of lying.

    Trump has gotten so far away from the truth, he is now resorting to telling Americans not to believe what they see and hear. People need to understand what a dangerous statement that is. He is a con man. Republicans have been willing duped and don’t even care. They should ask themselves why they are so willing to abandon the values and principles or our Constitution for the POS in the White House.

  8. @John – Shut up. You are a clueless troll. Take your shit somewhere else. This is a Travel Blog…asshole.

  9. @ER, No way, Jose. Just take Trump’s advice and believe nothing except that which comes from Trump, asshole.

  10. @Kalboz he is in blue t shirt with baseball cap standing between 2 men who look like secret service.

  11. @ john are you ok bro? I’m concerned about your health. You went off on a long winded rant that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. Did you forget your meds? Need someone to talk to? Perhaps just some rest…

  12. Gate 35X is the main reason I will fly to BWI on SW to eventually get to Alexandria VA. It puts an hour on each leg, but at least I am more relaxed. Sometimes it feels as if I am in a 3rd world country airport? Or bus terminal in Calcutta?

  13. Donald J. Trump is President of the United States of America and some are really concerned about my comment being on topic or not. The primary concern for each of us should be my relatively short comment’s degree of accuracy. If it is in large part fallacious, then I eat crow. Big deal, but I don’t think so. If my comment exposes troubling facts and draws reasonable inferences, then those with their heads planted firmly in the sand are the fools as is pretty much always the case.

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