New Video Game Has You Sit In Your Airplane Seat For Six Hours. (No, Really.)

The aviation world is excited about the 2020 release of Microsoft’s new version of Flight Simulator. But that’s not the only aviation game coming out soon.

The world is about to get a taste of Airplane Mode – a six hour trip as a passenger on board a transatlantic flight which occurs in real time. The game takes the full six hours and you literally sit in your seat and do what economy passengers do. The game is set to be previewed at fundraiser Desert Bus For Hope.

It’s the first game title from AMC Games, the new gaming arm of the television network, and it’s been extensively compared to Desert Bus the game in which you spend 8 hours driving a bus through the night. Only here you’re not driving anything. You’re just a passenger.

The good news is you have a window seat so at least you can gave out a window “showing real satellite imagery of the terrain beneath your flight path.”

Videogame lets you sit and eat your airplane meal, credit: Steam

Your flight will take off. You’ll be served a meal. Other passengers and crew will move about the cabin. Babies might cry. Will your wifi work, and if so when will it cut out? Your flight may even delay.

Aside from the scenery out the window and the ability to look around, the only distractions players have at their disposal are magazines (complete with crossword and sudoku puzzles), airplane information cards, a single book, a smartphone, and an in-flight entertainment system featuring a flight tracker and a selection of royalty-free movies from the 1930s.

Videogame lets you look out the window, credit: Steam

The tag line of the game? “Airplane Mode delivers all the thrills of a real-time, six-hour commercial airline flight—in Coach. At least you’ve got a window seat. Buckle up.”

Here’s the preview:

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. I guess if you’re desperate to endure a flight in Coach this video game is a decent replication of the experience. If I were playing this “game” I would be doing all in my comfy recliner with my laptop in front of me, and the ability to escape at any moment.

    That said, I wonder why the game designers didn’t do a Business or First Class experience? There are far fewer people who flown J or F, and I would think it would be a novelty enough for them to purchase the game.

  2. I hope it crashes, literally and metaphorically. No wonder the world is going to hell when the zombie generation gets hooked on crap like this. One step up the ladder from Candy Clusters.

  3. @Paolo: zombie generation gets hooked on crap like this? Wow…Really? And the world is going to hell because of THAT?

  4. not realistic … the view out the window shows the wingtip of an Airbus A320, and there aren’t too many of those on transatlantic flights :p

  5. Well I’d play it while enjoying 1st class amenities including a nap in my bed 🙂

    Or have it playing while I organize a trip report and photos 😉

    But I need to check the flight sim with B747-8 🙂

  6. Well I’d play it while enjoying 1st class amenities including a nap in my bed 🙂

    Or have it playing while I organize a trip report and photos 😉

    But I need to check the flight sim with B747-8 🙂

    <3 Harry’s comment 🙂

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