New York – Warsaw Passenger Banned For Taking Off “Panties And Pants” Urinating On Plane Door

Krzysztof Moczulski, spokesperson for Star Alliance member LOT Polish Airlines, explained on Twitter how a passenger can get banned by an airline,

How do I get blacklisted by an airline and never fly with that airline?
– get drunk
– take off your panties and pants in the buffet,
– pee on the inside door of the plane
– be blacklisted

Moczulski adds, “P.S. I didn’t believe I’d ever write a piece like this.”

Something seems a bit lost in the translation from Polish to English, but a LOT Polish passenger on board New York JFK – Warsaw service did, in fact, get drunk and get banned.

[T]he incident occurred at the end of last week on the New York – Warsaw route. A middle-aged man started a fight on board the Dreamliner about an hour and a half before landing at Chopin Airport, i.e. during the landing procedure.

The man was reassured by other passengers and his behavior did not disturb the flight. Despite this, it was decided that he would never use the services of LOT again.

This comes after one passenger and then another urinated on women in business class on Air India. It’s also happened on American and JetBlue and easyJet and United.

When noting these incidents, I like to draw lessons – either for how to behave as a passenger, how to manage the behavior of others, or what airlines might do to improve the overall experience.

In the 1994 film Speechless Michael Keaton tells Geena Davis about the importance of a “You see, Timmy.”

At the end of every Lassie, Timmy’s mom would say to him, “You see, Timmy…”

– She’d teach him a lesson.

It was always hopeful, always had heart. That’s what his voters are waiting for.

At the end of each episode of Son of the Beach, Timothy Stack’s Notch Johnson would repeat the formula, only winding up with non-sequiturs (“Oh, hi teens. Notch Johnson here. Tonight’s show
was about..”).

Here non-sequiturs are the best I’ve got. Besides, maybe, don’t do this as a passenger? You see, Timmy…

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  1. Translation is adequate. I would probably translate it as “pants and underwear” instead of “pants and panties” (and some other irrelevant stuff) but the general meaning is conveyed OK

  2. “…behave as a passenger…” — how about ‘behave as an adult human being’?
    Has the world at large gone so insane that we need to be reminded not to pee in the public area in an airplane? I, for one, didn’t see that one coming.

  3. How about simply banning people who do this from flying, either for good, or for at least a decade. That should stop the fun, no?

  4. I don’t know, I feel like I should be entitled to pee where I want, when I want, esp in Business Class, where I pay good money (ok points I transferred from a signup bonus but still) to be comfortable.

  5. I took a flight from LAX to Warsaw on LOT once and banned myself from every flying LOT again

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