Scorpion Stings Man In Testicles While Sleeping At The Venetian Las Vegas

During a holiday stay at the Venetian in Las Vegas, a visitor from California woke up during the night in pain. The hotel guest reported being stung by a scorpion directly on his testicles as he slept. He said it felt like “sharp glass or a knife” in his genital area. And there was a scorpion attached to his underwear.

The man filed a medical report with the hotel management, noting the severe pain caused by the sting to his groin area. While scorpion stings are generally not fatal, they can… hurt… especially in areas with dense nerve endings. Like testicles.

He’s now suing, with the hotel saying they’ve followed all appropriate precautions to prevent such an incident. Who knew there was an anti-scorpion-bites-testicles protocol in hotels?

This follows a report last summer of bed bugs at Circus Circus, “Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Palazzo, Tropicana, MGM Grand, and Sahara” and then, last month… at Venetian.

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  1. I’m sick and tired of frivolous litigation.

    How can this be anything more than an accident?

    What evidence does this man have that the hotel had malice or recklessness in its pest control protocols?

    Why should the hotel be held liable in a civil action?

    It would be a nice gesture of the hotel to waive that night’s rate, comp first aid, or even copays for examination and treatment by a medical professional. This can’t amount to more than a few hundred bucks.

    How much is the guy asking for in his suit which he will obviously lose? Why did his lawyer agree to accept such a case?

  2. Guys: I’m agreed that we badly need Tort Reform, as well as Patent Reform, but did you read the story ? Zoiks, just reading it made me wince. Compared to that old lady that got a few million for the coffee burns down there, I’d take that over the scorpion.

    On this one, there’s got to be some middle ground, not a $ 2 million jackpot, but not a couple hundred bucks either.

  3. Wow! This is one tough crowd.
    No doubt we live in a litigation crazy society. That said, I have to agree with TexasTJ on this one.
    A scorpion in the hotel room is a bit of a problem.
    I guess the guy would have received more empathy if he had spotted a cockroach scooting through the lavatory.

  4. I now have scorpion anxiety can I sue the Venetian too?
    I’d happily settle for a refund of all my egregious resort fees personally they imposed on me 😉

  5. That we have the most venomous scorpions around, the bark scorpion, is just one “feature” of Nevada . I put this in quotes because, well….would you call it a feature or a bug?

    I’ve almost stepped on scorpions in my home several times in 25 years, and my dog was stung as a puppy resulting in a needed surgical wound cleaning.
    It’s not well known that these scorpions are not dispatched by a regular pest control program, but I’ve not ever had one upstairs. In fact , I only see them once or twice per year and it’s always right after I think about it. I’m not sure how that works.
    Carry a blacklight with you in Vegas and you can spot scorpions and vampires.

  6. Hypothetically, if the hotel guest was stung by a scorpion in both his left and right testicle while sleeping at the Venetian Las Vegas, should his attorney double the amount of compensation requested?

  7. I actually stepped on a scorpion in a hotel in South Africa in January. Mercifully, I wasn’t bitten and I dispatched it with a shoe shortly thereafter. I also had to kill a scorpion in a luxury house rental in Costa Rica last year. And I have a family member who was bitten by a scorpion while sleeping in a 5-star resort in Tucson. So scorpions “happen.” I don’t think this is a proper legal matter, and I’m not really sure what hotels in “scorpion areas”:can do to remain 100% scorpion free.

  8. The Venetian Las Vegas makes billions $$$ from their highly touted property, gambling, and other venues/activities. Couldn’t they spend a bit of that fortune to abate critters problem? Afterall, they claim to be a 5-star property!

    The questions should be, did it happen? did it happen of their property? do they have duty of providing safe and secure place as described? did the guest incur damages? Was there warning to the assumption of rIsk, or warning about scorpions? … then he has a cause of action.

    This isn’t some banana republic where big conglomerate just steps on the little guy!

  9. I’ve backpacked and camped in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico as well as part of northern Mexico. I have never seen a scorpion in the wild. I have seen rattlesnakes in the Grand Canyon. Why there would be a scorpion in a supposedly cleaned hotel in Las Vegas is beyond me. I’m not sure that the lawsuit will win but it seems like negligence on the part of the hotel causing injury to a customer.

  10. The sands corporation divested themselves of this property in 2021 to a group of investors.

    Scorpions eat on insects, spiders and small animals. Most hotel rooms in the venetian start above several stories above the ground. If there are enough insects, spiders and small animals on the upper floors of a high rise…You have to question the cleanliness of the hotel and the lack of extermination.

    When I was at CES, I was talking to a convention services company employee who told me that city of Las Vegas was fining the Venentian/Sands convention center due recently due to building code violations, and that the owner was basically paying fines and not fixing the problems.

    I’m not a big fan of litigation, but sometimes its the only way to get a point across. I’m not sure I’d want to stay there….Plenty of properties nearby.

  11. We have stayed at the Palazzo/Venetian resort for years. I have to say I haven’t even seen a bug of any kind in our room, halls, eating or gambling area. I think it’s sad when this sort of issue comes up. Why or how this would happen or what is really behind the issues is beyond me.

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