Tone Deaf: After Caesars CEO Calls Resort Fees Straw That Breaks Camels Back, They Raise Resort Fees

Marriott is currently being sued by DC over its resort fee practices. Hilton is being sued by Nebraska. And there’s a new Marriott class action lawsuit over resort fees.

Bipartisan legislation to crack down on resort fees was introduced in Congress last week because no member of Congress wants to let state-level politicians and lawyers get all the limelight on consumer issues. Against that backdrop, in the most tone deaf move possible, Caesars is doubling down on resort fees.

MGM and Caesars seem to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber. In August MGM announced resort fees over $50 a night at 4 hotels. The CEO of Caesars declared that resort fees could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Las Vegas lodging. So what is Caesars doing? Raising resort fees, natch.

Rolling out Tuesday, Oct. 15, Caesar’s Palace and the Nobu Hotel inside the resort will have resort fees totaling $51.02 with tax per night.

At Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, which the Caesars sold to Imperial Companies earlier this year, the resort fees per night will be $39.68 with tax.

According to, the new nightly fees at Caesar’s Palace, Nobu and Rio are increasing about $7 and $3, respectively.

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What’s worse, in Las Vegas they’re now stacking venue fees on top of resort fees.

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  1. Yet another example of trump logic (which only makes sense to those with great and unmatched wisdom…) and works on uneducated, imbeciles hillbillies.

  2. At least I am paying the resort fees on a comped room so not as painful, but they really are getting ridiculous at $45 per night at Bellagio. Hopefully I can get some of that back from the gambling.

  3. Thankfully I got Vegas out of my system about a decade ago. While I never was a huge gambler, I enjoyed the sights and playing blackjack. Post the economy collapse around 2008 I visited and you’d think they’d be happy to have a paying customer. Instead everyone seemed to have their hand out and were constantly complaining. Customers don’t visit to hear people complaining, I can do that at work.

    Except for a brief drive by in 2011 I haven’t been back.

  4. Resort fees, like basic economy, are a scam to hide the true price from customers. It’s a race to the bottom: zero room rate plus huge resort fee. Too bad a major hotel in Vegas doesn’t copy Southwest Airlines and drop the hidden fees.

    I flew to Vegas for a tour of national parks. I didn’t stay a single night in that overpriced madhouse of a city.

  5. @nsx, you have a point but at least with basic economy, you actually can fly at the price you see advertised though they don’t want you to. Not so with “resort fee” scams. So they should not be compared.

  6. Just glad I am Diamond Plus (at least 25,000 tier credits) and plan to stay they way since I don’t pay resort fees (Diamond and Seven Stars are exempt from them). As much as I go to Las Vegas and Atlantic City that benefit alone saves me over $1500 a year. Then you add all the comped (or very heavily discounted rooms), lounge access, food comps, free shows, etc and I value my status at $8000-$10,000 a year. By far most valuable of all the programs I’m in.

  7. never understand the attraction of the sin city. Let hillbillies waste their money there.

  8. So tricking people and making them angry is the new business model? Good luck with that.

  9. I go only when my Hilton Amex rebates them on my Cc
    or mGm runs a promotion at one of their Premium hotels with a
    dining credit
    Alternatively I use reward points which waives the resort fees
    There is one @ GM through December so I’m going
    Double Hyatt points
    Pay with Amex Plat Card earn 10,000 points MR points
    Stay @ Nomad for 2 nights get 150 dining credit so then I’m in

    Otherwise AirBNB my friends condo or I don’t go at all
    Fully refuse to be gang raped by the corrupt Las Vegas Mafia hotel cartels

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