Woman Meets Guy On Dating App, Invites Him Back To The Hyatt, Tases Him

I’ve been together with my wife for almost 20 years. But from what I can remember of my dating life, I was metarational enough to realize that if a woman I’d just met invited me up to her room after just 30 minutes in the lobby of a Hyatt Regency, in the morning without any alcohol involved, we weren’t going there for the reason I hoped we were going there.

Not everyone is so self-aware: Selena Rivera-Apodaca has been arrested for armed robbery after taking a man up to her room at the Hyatt Regency Boston. The two had met through a dating app, and she invited him to the hotel Tuesday morning.

At around 11 a.m. they met in the lobby before making their way upstairs. They ‘spoke’ for half an hour before she “pulled out a taser and started to go through his pockets.” Apparently she found “more than $100” there. He escaped the room, notified hotel security, and they called the police at 11:50 a.m..

Credit: Hyatt Regency Boston

When police arrived at the property the woman was still in her room. She claimed not to know the man, ignored further questioning and began Facetiming with a friend. She had no good explanation, though, for how a supposed total stranger would correctly predict the pink taser in her luggage.

Maybe expecting a better outcome is rational for some people, and I just wasn’t good looking enough to expect it. Perhaps the false sense of confidence so many and project has evolutionary advantages. I still think self-deception is dangerous here, and Ms. Rivera-Apodaca would seem to underscore the point.

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  1. Wow that’s a shocking date if not electrifying
    Scary though really
    More importantly will she get her WOH points after she gets out of jail?

  2. @ Gary — I’m not sure the time of day or alcohol is too important on “dating” apps these days.

  3. There are some VERY weird people. And even seemingly normal people can be really really creepy. Back about 15 years ago I met this guy on a business trip. Really likable guy and had a high end professional job. Every conference I’d see him about twice per year.

    You can imagine my surprise one day when another colleague sent me a news article from his local paper. Apparently this guy was calling escorts and having them come to his hotel room. He not only not paid them but ended up robbing them. Apparently he was doing it for a while and the girls weren’t calling the police as they couldn’t jeopardize themselves. Until one day a girl called the cop and he got arrested.

    I thought he was the nicest guy in the world but just goes to show you there are some really really creepy people.

  4. Back at least 15 years ago I was in Vegas walking up the strip from Bellagio towards TI. It was mid-day and the strip was not too crowded. This lady (kind of a Mariah Carey look) saw me and started talking with me. Very well spoken. I immediately wondered what was going on since I’m not the type to gather that kind of attention from a woman that quickly. She said she was in town from Miami.

    Then she said something like “Would you like to get together later……..in a professional manner?” I told her thanks but no. Later that night in Bellagio I saw some young guy with her heading to the elevator. It was a weird coincidence that I saw her a 2nd time, she didn’t see me.

    I did some online dating a while ago and you never knew what you might encounter. Always meet in public and be careful.

  5. 30 minutes? I’ve gone from saying hello in the lobby to getting it in within 30 seconds.

  6. Jason,

    Lord Trump indicates that he has done the same kind of thing. STDs and the lack of timely treatment for one of them may have messed with his brain. The draft-dodger-in-chief’s PTSD from his “personal Vietnam” seems to come with a lot of misogyny. Maybe his mental state is tied back to his “personal Vietnam” with STDs.

  7. “I just wasn’t good looking enough to expect it”

    i’m happy for you to accept your reality. i’m not that good looking either. i’m 5’5, 125LB.

  8. There is every reason to have a deep and abiding suspicion of those contemplating/offering sexual relations before noon. Not even a spot of lunch. Distasteful , bordering on sordid.

  9. If I met a woman on a dating app and after 30 minutes she asked if I wanted to go to her room to see something small, pink and battery operated that she had in her suitcase she wouldn’t need to ask me twice.

  10. Long time ago shortly after reporting to a Naval Air Station I was cautioned repeatedly ” If you meet these twin sisters at a bar, don’t go home with them. You are not getting lucky, their hobby is taking drunk sailors home, beating them up, robbing and throwing them in the street.” I never met them but, I eventually saw some banged up, hung over sailors who added to the legends. We laughed at them.

  11. Jason can you and your Moronic comments please go away! Far far away! Once again you bring Trump into a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with the POTUS.

  12. @Cmorgan please explain exactly where I brought trump into the convo otherwise eff the hell out of this earth and die

  13. Wonder why some people don’t like what they read but they read it anyway and not liking it they have to take the time to write a comment that they didn’t like it
    Well I have better things to think about. Have fun Jason they did read it LOL

  14. I was invited by Keanu Reeves to meet him in a hotel room in iowa .Idont meet men in hotel rooms .It might be a scammer It is not safe .Ladies you do not need to pay to meet a man .I do not care who he thinks he is .Go to church , talk to god

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