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No Longer Needed Government Mask Mandate Extended Through September 13

Apr 30 2021

Mask rules made a lot of sense when airlines began requiring them. People should have been wearing higher quality masks and learning to wear them properly. Now that vaccines are available to any U.S. adult that wants one, the mandate should be allowed to expire. But government regulations tend to outlast their usefulness.

The mask mandate will end when the President is ready to declare victory over Covid-19.

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Uber Now Lets You Rent Cars, And Will Soon Deliver Them

phone with uber on it
Apr 29 2021

When Uber started letting you order food and eat it at the restaurant it seemed like something out of The Onion. But they saw themselves as a platform for food, and an opportunity (they thought) to monetize eyeballs.

Now they’re introducing a new service that should make Uber’s drivers furious: encouraging customers to book rental cars in the app as a substitute for ride-sharing.

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United Is Giving Elites 3 Promotions To Choose From, Makes Status Easier To Earn

airline seat with teddy bear
Apr 29 2021

United will let elite members earn 25% of their status requirements with 3 trips, or members can choose a bonus of 10% of their status requirements or bonus miles instead. That’s on top of the 25% credit towards status United has already given.

While some people will earn elite status this year, 2021 is mostly a wash out for an airline’s best customers. And that means airlines need to take steps to extend status again and start over next year or they’ll risk pushing these members into free agency.

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