After Emirates Passenger Urinated On Seats Twice, Everyone Else In Business Class Refused To Sleep

An Emirates passenger who used miles to upgrade to business class for a flight from Dubai to Sydney reports that a man on board – part of a rowdy group of passengers in the Airbus A380 bar at the back of the cabin – “drunkenly approached” her seat, thinking it was his. A travel companion brought him back to his own seat, but he returned.

A crewmember removed the man a second time, but he came back a third time and “undid his trousers” as though preparing to look out for number one. He had “already urinated on his own seat” and, it turns out, on a second seat in the cabin as well.

Emirates Airbus A380 Business Class Bar

By the time he’d done this twice and made an attempt at a third go, this woman – and presumably all of the other business class passengers – were too ‘on alert’ to get any rest for the remainder of the flight.

This man totally ruined our business class journey and I got absolutely no sleep whatsoever because I was terrified that if I shut my eyes he would come back and relieve himself on me.

According to Emirates,

We are disappointed to hear Mrs. S’s complaint. Emirates takes the safety of its passengers very seriously and our customer affairs team are in direct contact with her to resolve the matter.

Emirates Airbus A380 Business Class

It seems the man was over-served. He wasn’t restrained. The flight didn’t divert. And the passenger wasn’t met by law enforcement on arrival.

The airline provided 60,000 Skywards miles – about half the cost of the upgrades – by way of an apology after the passenger first rejected an offer of 20,000 miles and got British media involved.

Last month an American Airlines passenger urinated on a seat mate on a New York to Delhi flight last month and also the month before too. A man reportedly urinated on a passenger while flying Air India from New York JFK to Delhi back on November 26 as well.

It’s happened on several U.S. carriers on other routes as well, such as on American and JetBlue and United.

What’s unique here though is that a passenger usually only urinates in the cabin once before being restrained or passing out. They aren’t usually allowed to wait awhile, build up the urge again, and let loose a second time.. let alone a third.

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  1. 1st time is awful, could have been a mistake.
    2nd time is offensive, and probably criminal,
    3rd time is performance art

  2. >He wasn’t restrained. The flight didn’t divert. And the passenger wasn’t met by law enforcement on arrival.

    This is why America is in shambles. Why are you people always so hungry for punishment?

    At the same time, half of you want to cut the breasts off of girls and normalize grooming, while the other half wants to beat their kids and ban abortion.

    Calm the everlasting f’ down. Someone got too drunk and was a PITA. Put on restraints, ban him from the airline, throw some miles after Complainer Karen and move on.

  3. When flying Emirates, passengers do generally not pee on the seats. However, passengers know the meaning of “third times the charm.” I remember the United Airlines flight 796 from Buenos Aires to New York. An investment banking executive was upset the food cart was blocking his path to the lavatory during meal service. So he hopped up on the food cart, pulled down his pants, squatted over the food, and then did a perfect imitation of a frozen chocolate soft-serve ice cream dispenser.

    Read more:

  4. I think he should be thrown off of the airplane, wherever it was, but is tis a new right that we are just learning about? The right to pee wherever you want to?

  5. Nancy, the diabetes seems to be getting to your head.

    I think it’s a big enough deal to restrain the passenger and ban him from the airline. But people sometimes have too much to drink.

    > Also, please note that it was not on a USA based airline, so America isn’t the only country that is f’d up as you say

    I understand your school system doesn’t have time to teach reading with the diversity training and gender surgery preparation taking up the bulk of time in school. But the reaction comes from Gary, an American (double citizen?)

    Your comment also comes from an American. A very overweight one at that. Put down the burger and go for a walk.

  6. I suppose, having thought about this somewhat, the unrepentant urinator was not “overserved”. He was legless, totally out-of-control drunk. He should have been cut off at the bar hours before he became that bad. He wasn’t, and that’s really Emirates’ issue to own up to and correct.
    Having read a newspaper article about this, I would also posit that the unrepentant urinator is actually very lucky. It is reported that the complainant (and her husband, I suppose) are from Glasgow. If you know any thing about Glasgow and Glaswegians — well — let’s just say “See you Jimmy, I don’t like you…” doesn’t even come close. Under most normal circumstances he could at least have expected to have some serious GBH (grievous bodily harm, UK term of law) to have been inflicted upon him.
    Lucky indeed.

  7. Sara,

    Urinating on someone is a form of assault. In practically every civilized nation, attempted assault is a crime that carries a prison term. I’m not saying he ought to do life – but a few months in the big house might help the poor fellow re-evaluate how his decision-making led to a temporary loss of freedom.

    Not really a big ask to expect an arrest after that. Laws are a little tighter in confined spaces because you can’t simply walk across the street if someone’s doing something foolish.

  8. Sara Smith: “Why are you people always so hungry for punishment?” Because some people haven’t gotten basic concepts down – what you akin to “freedumb” as an American to allow anything to happen because “who cares”

  9. @Sara Smith – “Why are you people always so hungry for punishment?”

    Because quite frequently it’s deserved.

  10. To Sara Smith… think it is no big deal that a drunk passenger urinated twice and almost a third time without repercussions ??? You treat it as an inoffensive matter…if it had happened to you would you have told the air line it was no big deal and refused any compensation ?? I think not. Also, please note that it was not on a USA based airline, so America isn’t the only country that is f’d up as you say

  11. @Sara Smith — If you have a urine fetish that’s your business. The rest of us prefer to stay dry.

  12. Most of you are the same people who tolerate open defecation on your sidewalks in your cities because, well, nobody truly knows.

    Who was urinated on? Oh that’s right, nobody. That was a fantasy inside your under-stimulated minds.

  13. Unfortunately, with a gulf carrier, if the crew refused to service the man alcohol or restrained him, he in turn would probably file a complaint and the crew would face a demerit or termination.

    If this was a US carrier, the man would be restrained and met by the respective authorities.

  14. What’s the big deal. Emirates has showers. Just turns out to be golden ones.

  15. What’s the big deal? Emirates’ furslage incorporates elements of yellow and gold.
    All this passenger did was match the seats to the fuselage.

  16. @ Joe Ink. Maybe it’s time to hold all adults, including those elected, accountable for their poor decisions and actions.

  17. I’m pretty sure that getting pissed on is an honor in most Arab countries, so what is all of the fuss about?

  18. @Sarah Smith. Are you for real? Normalizing this behavior? I would have punched the guy in his privates if he did that to me.

  19. Shouldn’t he be banned for life from EK? Or maybe not if his marginal revenue offset the cost of sanitizing the cabin?

  20. I strongly recommend that airlines should introduce adult dampers in the travelers pack since they now carry mischievous business class passengers with weak bladders

  21. He did not do all that because he is “An Emirates passenger who used miles to upgrade to business class” ( this sentence is at the very beginning of the Piece , bolded and underlined) because he did because he is drunk and I might add a dirty one. So not cool to point fingers People who does upgrade themselves.

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