American Airlines Passenger Urinates On Seatmate After Argument

A passenger on board American Airlines flight 292, which departed Saturday evening from New York JFK enroute for Delhi, was arrested on arrival in India Sunday night after getting into an argument with another passenger – and urinating on them.

According to American Airlines crew, the urinator was inebriated. The incident was reported to authorities prior to arrival and both passengers, including the urinee (who has filed a formal complaint) were turned over to local police.

According to a senior official at India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation,

An allegedly inebriated passenger relieved himself on another passenger. American Airlines has recorded the statements of co-passengers and handed over the passenger to law enforcement agencies. An FIR has been lodged.

Some outlets are noting the lack of ‘corroborating evidence’ of the urine, which I think is to say that no samples were taken on board?

What’s crazy is that one passenger urinated on another on an American Airlines flight to Delhi last month, too! New York JFK – Delhi is a long flight, made longer by lack of Russian overflight. And it’s not just American Airlines which sees the issue on this route – a man reportedly urinated on a passenger while flying Air India from New York JFK to Delhi back on November 26 as well.

Moreover, this doesn’t just happen on India flights. It’s happened on several U.S. carriers on other routes as well, such as on American and JetBlue and United.

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  1. I have to ask if they are Indian passengers since all these instances mentioned in recent memory are headed there.

    If so, what the hell?

  2. Welcome aboard Golden Showers Airline where getting pissed off and pissed on is what makes for a memorable experience as we care for you on life’s journey.

  3. Goddamnit, apparently you have to be wearing a wetsuit in order to be allowed onboard!!

  4. I bet the Urinee was really pissed off with this situation. (I couldn’t hold a good laugh when I read ‘the urinee’ LOL).

  5. I hope Gary Leff steps in to remove all these disgustingly racist comments I’m reading.

  6. Put the pissers on a Lifetime global no-fly list would be one solution. Plus a $20k fine (or local currency equivalent) which would be recouped via garnishment of wages, pension or government benefits.

  7. @Flight. HA! Anyone pissing on someone OUGHT to be called out. No descriptive term is forbidden!!!!!!!

  8. Shocker. Maybe these need to be dry flights with a mandatory stop at Jeddah, to offload the urinators for sharia law punishment.

  9. @ Gary

    Nice job mate – the dumb right wing racist Americans are lapping up your click bait (hint – you can do better than pander to such – ironic that pre-check all of my posts before publication but enable racist scum – WTF).

  10. I deleted more comments on this post than are currently live. There were a couple that were made after I went offline/was asleep last night. I work a lot, but I cannot physically be 24 hours a day. I put my daughter to bed at night, I sleep 6.5 hours, etc. I will try to do better to live up to expectations.

    Racism in America is hardly limited to the right wing. Not all of the racist comments were from Americans.

  11. @Gary Leff

    Pointing out that THREE incidents have been caused by 1 particular group us hardly racism.

    All reported by you on this site.

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