Airbnb Rental Property Discriminates Against Vaccinated Guests

Some people are choosing not to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Younger people without comorbidities are at limited risk, so perhaps that’s rational though selfish since the mRNA vaccines have been shown not just to protect the vaccinated person but also to prevent spreading. They risk killing grandma. The decision by older people not to take it seems odd, doubly so when focused on undocumented ‘long-term risks’.

However there are also people who are so against vaccines – not just for themselves that for others. We’ve seen bars ban vaccinated patrons, and even a school ban vaccinated teachers. There’s also an Airbnb listing that refuses to rent to vaccinated guests, out of some sort of crazy fear that they will spread the vaccine.


For the health and safety not only other guests but also ourselves, all covid vaccinated guests are asked to find another vacation rental that allows vaccinated guests.

It has now been scientifically proven and is clearly stated on the vaccine manufacturers web sites, that the MRNA protein in the ingredients SHED through the vaccinated persons skin, breath etc, and will be passed along to non-vaccinated people.

The space
The cabin is completely sanitized between each guest and is this a safe place to rest, relax, enjoy nature and the surrounding activities that are abundant.

Airbnb appears to have redirected the listing. It continues to show up in searches but clicking on it sends the user back to the search page.

Credit: Live and Let’s Fly

First of all, the claim is limited to mRNA vaccines, so would they accept a guest who was vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson, or someone from outside the U.S. who got AstraZeneca? Ironically there actually would be more meaningful (harmless) shedding from an attenuated virus but it doesn’t seem like scientific nuance is strong with this listing.

Second, let’s review how mRNA vaccines actually work. The thing to start with is the basic understanding that DNA creates RNA and RNA creates protein. (So as to a separate conspiracy theory, no the mRNA vaccines do not ‘alter your DNA’.)

  • The mRNA vaccines, from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, send your body an instruction (a message, or ‘messenger RNA’) to create the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  • You are not receiving a virus, you are literally just making one protein of the virus.

  • Your body learns to recognize and defeat the protein that attaches to your cells, so that it can defeat that attachment mechanism.

There’s really nothing of consequence to shed, you aren’t going to be exposeed to the spike protein from a vaccinated person’s respiratory aerosols nor is there virus being shed (since the mRNA vaccines do not contain virus). While there are fake documents circulating, the real one on Pfizer’s website doesn’t talk about potential for viral shedding as the conspiracists claim.

The anti-vax minority may feel like they’re (reverse) virtue-signaling by publicly discriminating against the vaccinated, but these instances are relatively few and far between – and unenforceable. As the owner of this Airbnb listing acknowledges, they’re on the honor system. They’re making it clear that they don’t want vaccinated guests, so what vaccinated person (or reasonable person) would want to give them money? However as easily faked as CDC vaccine cards are, there’s not even a CDC non-vaccinated card you can show.

(HT: Live and Let’s Fly)

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  1. Montana? ‘nuff said…

    I would actually be thankful to learn, in advance, about this cretin’s utterly asinine policy. Take heed fellow travelers and avoid them like the plague – pun very much intended.

  2. How arrogant. My family (not me) is made up of doctors and medical research PHDs, many who are leaders in their fields. Here are facts, not the repeated lies by the far right, trumpsters or anti-vaccers.

    1. This vaccine was not create in 2 day or even 6 months. Studies on SARS variants and vaccines to prevent them have gone on for years. The difference, all resources and focus was put on these stains and possible mutations, hence we could start vaccination trials in 6 months.

    2. Trails were carried out like any other drug, the difference, sometimes getting people to participate takes years, but people lined up to help with the testing to speed up the approval, the test themselves were done like always.

    3. Trust your doctor and scientist or trust a politician who BTW almost died and got the shot in secret. REALLY. . .not a hard one here. The trumpsters don’t have a clue that he almost died in October and in January got the Covid vaccine, the same time he was running around saying do it or don’t do it.

    WAKE UP. . .I have been vaccinated for almost 6 months (same for my family from ages 30 – 96), no one has grown a third eye, had any side effects (okay my arm hurt and I felt foggy after the second one for an evening but that’s it. . .no worse then my shingles or flu shot). Do what right to save your life and if your so God fearing, the live of other people.

    Stop being selfish and just plane stupid. Time to shame the fake news about Covid and the vaccine. . .Covid is real, it does kill and the vaccine works! That’s truth and it’s about time we start to speak it and shout down the loud minority .

    Sorry for my Monday morning rant! Have a good weekend and if you are vaccinated, proudly let it be known. You might save someone’s life!

  3. Is everyone really that stupid? this is probably a simple grammatical mistake by the lister…I’m sure they meant “non-COVID, vaccinated” meaning people who don’t have COVID and are vaccinated. The story on this are another reason why social media giving everyone a voice shows how dumb the general population is and how quick we all are to find something ‘wrong’ when there is no story.

  4. before everyone gets up in arms…of course I’m being sarcastic…this listing is absurd.

  5. I don’t like the rule of that property but hey the property owner has every right to set the rules just like how hotels and airlines set their own rules. You don’t like the rules, stay somewhere else. Its as simple as that.

  6. Just another example of how America is committing intellectual suicide. Or, as my mother (1913-2012) used to say when I got mad about something on the news, “People are stupid.” Once the scientific illiterates take over we’re doomed.

  7. Gary – You are so one sided that you cannot in your own mind (perhaps for your own comfort zone) consider any other possibilities until the situation gets much worse. Your thoughts about this injection (it is not a vaccine) remind me of the 737 Max coming from the FAA/Boeing/others back when many knew this plane was defective yet kept saying it was fine….until it wasn’t. What did it take to change that narrative?? Crashes and deaths.

    I’ll say this again as I’ve said all along. If you continue to only listen to the same sources you will only receive the information they want you to hear. Just like 737 Max. It’s no different. It’s all about money. “They” have no interest in your health and don’t care what they stick inside you. They can make “cases” go up and down whenever they want. Recently new orders were given to the labs to spin down testing for vaccinated and spin up for non-vaccinate….Hmmm

    On the other side, thousands of doctors, scientists, professionals, experts are all very concerned about the REAL cases of people they are encountering dying or getting very ill from this injection and being around those injected. Lawsuits are being filed around the world. From 1/1/1999 through 11/30/2020 (the last month before COVID shots were given emergency use) there were 4,571 deaths recorded for a span of 22 years.

    The CDC released the latest death figures following the experimental COVID injections this week, and that death toll now stands at 4,647 people, adults and children, that have been recorded as dying after receiving one of the experimental COVID injections. More than the entire years between 1999 and November 2020. Along with 227,805 injuries including 2,719 Permanent Disabilities, 29,708 Emergency Room visits, and 12,625 Hospitalizations.

    I guess we haven’t had enough death and injuries yet to start turning around the narrative.

    For those of you who are interested in hearing the other side, and I challenge Gary to do so as well…..register for tomorrow’s town hall.

    Keep up the excellent work Gary in bringing us travel-related information. I always look forward to the tidbits you share.

  8. Looks like a great place to go and shoot guns to me!
    I only fly airlines that don’t spread chemtrails too

  9. Airbnb is full of idiosyncratic roles such as this. Individual property owners have their freedoms. So long as they are upfront and civil about their asks, I celebrate the expression of liberty on Airbnb. I do this while simultaneously ridiculing the nonsense rationale, but that is a separate issue. By the way, notwithstanding said issue, Montana is a lovely place. I once met a woman from there. Brilliant, kind, and arousing (sensually) – sigh! – she was already married.

  10. How do you prove you are unvaccinated? Medical providers do not give you a blank vaccination card to prove you are unvaccinated.

  11. I talked to Bill Gates through the chip in my arm I got with the vaccine and he said to book somewhere else.

  12. Just cover yourself in tinfoil. The tinfoil will catch the mRNA particles – and as an added benefit the government won’t be able to read your thoughts.

  13. I thought I heard it all when it comes to utter stupidity. I hope they don’t win the next Darwin Award, but they sure are setting themselves up for it. I don’t think you should give them the free advertising. This rewards their antisocial behavior.

  14. Another nutcase host.

    I have never considered Airbnb as a legitimate operator in the accommodation industry. I will always stay in a hotel or similar, never had unresolvable issues, never had a reservation cancelled on me at the last minute without recourse, never hit with ridiculous cleaning charges and I still have the opportunity to avoid those properties imposing electricity, resort and other fees.

    As an added bonus, I don’t have to entertain the host or have a host entertain me plus I get to avoid the weird ones.

  15. That’s crazy. Just as crazy as all the people requiring vaccine proof to live life.

  16. that’s the great thing about america – freedom of choice. there are plenty of airbnb properties in montana just pick one that doesn’t offend you.

    i don’t want to stay at properties run by nutcases, they don’t want me there, sounds like a win-win.

  17. Haha, our collective ‘problem’ is that we try to bring logic/science/statistics/etc to fight belief/faith/religion/and the like! This is a futile attempt unfortunately.

  18. So would it be ok to refuse people who haven’t had an mRNA ‘vaccine?’

    From how you write, you seem to think that everyone should take a covid ‘vaccine’ because of ‘killing grandma.’ This is total nonsense.

    The risk of death is miniscule for those under 70 w/o comorbidities. Those with them have all been offered the ‘vaccine’. Now that everyone at risk has had the chance to be injected, we can go back to personal choice.

    Please stop pushing an agenda and let me decide what I want to do with my own body. I’m not ‘killing grandma’ or any other such fear-based nonsense.

  19. @Man – the virus spreads to places that haven’t had access to the vaccine (the US isn’t the world), and when you catch it and are host to it that’s how it mutates as well – potentially escaping vaccines or reducing their effectiveness. People who don’t get vaccinated are perpetuating the virus and creating greater risk.

  20. @Gary –

    Oh my. You are so far off base on the statements you made to @Man. Please show your readers one peer reviewed study that says “People who don’t get vaccinated are perpetuating the virus and creating greater risk.”

    Please show your readers the peer reviewed study that supports this. “the virus spreads to places that haven’t had access to the vaccine and when you catch it and are host to it that’s how it mutates as well”.

    If you can’t produce the studies regarding these statements (which you won’t find because we simply do not have the data so early in the injection rollout) perhaps it is better to say you believe this to be true or the sources you listen to believe this as truth, but at this time cannot back it up with the studies that prove it.

  21. Anti-vaxxers thankfully a minority in the US, unfortunately a likely majority of this site’s frequent commenters. Especially @Joe, he of the micro-penis.

  22. Todd, I remember you, you were proud you didn’t vaccinate your kids….I’m sure you had the luxury of growing up vaccinated from from Polio, Diphtheria Tetanus and many other diseases that killed hundreds of thousands. Yet you didn’t want to afford them the same protection???
    Amazing there are questionable medical quackpots that say those diseases were going to “magically disappear on their own” (sound familiar?). Those vaccines prevent untold suffering, the Covid Vaccine is doing the same…..Q anon is not reality

  23. Also Todd, if you don’t want to get the vaccine, fine. You are selfish or perhaps just a victem of conspiracy theory’s …. so are many others.
    But what the heck is wrong with you that you have to make such an aggressive stand trying to talk people out of doing something that could save their life?
    Really, untold thousands have been saved by the vaccine and the proof is irrefutable, there is nothing to refute that statement…..yet you want to talk people out it with questionable resources.

  24. Data Point
    No Vax for me and my family, total of 4 of adult age
    No Vax in the future for us as well all making individual choices.

  25. I don’t ‘believe’ in the vaccine either, based on the speed with which it emerged. I loathe wearing a mask far more than I fear a totally untested vaccine. However, I just got vaccinated so I can do stuff I want to do without the mask. The level of ignorance on this topic is equal only to the depth of the belief that the vaccine is ‘wrong’. If the human race gets much dumber, we can all be replaced by a herd of snails.

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