Airline Employees Still Wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” Pins

Pilots tend to be more conservative than flight attendants, overall. So after NASCAR driver Brandon Brown at Talladega Speedway on October 2, and a reporter mistook the crowd chanting “F- Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go Brandon!” the slogan took on a life of its own… in the cockpit.

It seemed like it should have died out by December but was still going on over air traffic control at the end of the year.

Still I’m surprised to see it in the cabin on American Airlines in May 2022:

More than bringing politics into the aircraft cabin, the problem here is that Let’s Go Brandon has simply become derivative. It’s so 2021. Wearing a Let’s Go Brandon pin isn’t just a juvenile way to express yourself, it’s a way of saying I’m 8 months behind the meme.

It was cute back in early fall when a passenger recently had American Airlines page “Let’s Go Brandon.” But haven’t we already done this one to death?

Six years ago a United Airlines pilot announced that everyone had to keep politics off the plane. Passengers cheered. No matter your feelings about silly memes or the President of the United States, there are some places where we should be left alone. Stuck in a metal tube, you can’t escape a pilot’s politics.

The American Airlines flight attendant was violating uniform standards. There are approved pins that cabin crew can wear. There’s a process for adding more of them. This is not approved flair.

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  1. Yes, most of us would like to leave politics out of the cabin. But I don’t recall the same people getting upset at the recent Alaska “pronoun pins”. That’s political too, like it or not – just on the other side of the aisle. I don’t need to know your gender politics to treat you like a human being. But if you insist, I’m going to identify my preferred pronouns as “Your Highness”.

    Either you allow all politics in or you allow none of it in. I’d prefer none.

  2. Before you become too sensitive from the Peoples Republic of Austin over the Brandon button, you should be far more concerned with BLM buttons adorning uniforms, given the proven facts of BLM’s founding by avowed Marxists and the recent revelation confirming their serious tax avoidance.

    Still cannot understand why ex-AA CEO Parker allowed such a button on the uniform of FAs; might as well minted a button “In Memory of Weimar…”

  3. We should stop using coded language and let them wear “f*ck Joe Biden” pins instead.

  4. There is a simple solution. Only corporate approved pins should be permitted on a uniform. Whether those are pronouns, BLM, LGB, FJB — if a white collar overlord says it’s ok then it’s ok. If they have not said anything then it’s not ok.

    There is an argument that pronouns are also political just on the other side. Well, not really, but in any case here’s the thing. Both liberals and conservatives agree that liberals have won the culture war, thus, liberals get to decide what is political enough to be banned (like LGB) and what is humanity-universal (like pronouns and BLM).

    Remember, Starbucks, Apple Store, and all manner of corporations have plastered BLM over their retail surfaces. Not a single national business has plastered LGB.

  5. One could say that the very fact airlines permit boarding of women, LGBT, and non-white travelers is a political statement. A number of deeply conservative types believe women belong at home, the LGBT belong in hell, that non-whites belong in foreign countries.

  6. If they can wear rainbow flags and BLM pins, then surely they can also wear “Let’s go Brandon” merch. It is just as funny now as it was last year, and much funnier than BLM’s 2020 Summer of Love that left billions of dollars in damage and dozens of people dead or wounded.

  7. Had sad that one feels the need to wear anything that says “Let’s go Brandon,” Bunch of unfulfilled weak-minded people who were not hugged enough as children. Frankly I feel the same way about anyone walking around with anything that says F Trump. Too much f’ing hate going around and this just adds to it.

  8. If rainbow pins are allowed that represent intolerance of straight Christian views and lgbtqa support of grooming of preschoolers, all pins that represent other views need to be allowed.

  9. Brandon isn’t yet done destroying America. LGB pins should be MANDATORY.

    At the very least, your boarding order should be determined by your pin and your airline. Conservative airlines LGB pins board first. On Far left airlines, rainbow flags and “ Im proud of my 10 abortions “ t shirts get priority boarding. Then we can determine which airlines we should buy tickets on.

  10. @ Joseph — You nailed it. It is sad, but they they are following the example of their Dear Leader.

    @ Joe — Their moron leader left trillions of dollars of damage to the world economy, so I guess they are even now?

  11. @ Joe — Just to be clear — “their leader” = the former twice-impeached, defeated POTUS.

  12. @Trump One and @ Mark.

    If the world wasn’t pull of bigoted, racist, delusional A**HOles like yourselves, there would be no need for BLM. And insofar as FJB, he won. Get over it, losers.

  13. K Helldoge, He won, but he’s a loser. Now who has won? And if the Hunter story doesn’t convince you he is part of the problem then we are all doomed. And if his dismal performance does not have you convinced…Oh shit!
    Lastly, I am not a Trump fan. Just an American.

  14. Let’s Go Brandon is timeless, as long as Brandon Regime continues to destroy the economy.

  15. Good, if they could wear pins from a communist and racist money laundering group that advocated for killing people, then FJB swag should be kosher too.

  16. My preferred pronouns are let’s go Brandon. You must comply and use the term no matter your beliefs, grammar skills or scientific evidence. Those are the rules now.

  17. Straight White Evangelicals feel hated when they can’t force everyone to be like them. LGBT and BLM feel hated when they are denied the rights Straight White Evangelicals take for granted.

  18. The citizens who didn’t support Trump for 4 years (he’s still at it) and those that don’t support the current president’s agenda (yes, some don’t like this guy either) should all learn to get along – everyone has the opportunity to vote every 4 years. If you don’t support it – vote against it – politics (or any statement for or against) should not be hanging off any company employees clothing – no matter if it’s an airline employee, Judge, store clerk, restaurant worker, etc. We all have a chance to “move forward” now that the mask laws have been quashed. Let’s ALL get along and make this country better for EVERYONE who lives here and pays taxes (like you and me). We’ll all be better in the long run. Yes, we all have freedom of speech, but please, keep
    It out of the workplace. Hasn’t Covid done enough to wear us out – without the never ending political connotations for or against somebody?

  19. There sure are a lot of whiney [redacted] in here. If you don’t like the the pins, why not then just carry on with your lives rather than have a meltdown over it. Why is ignoring inane political shit you don’t agree with such an absurd request? Get over yourselves and stop being so [redacted] fragile.

  20. @Ivan B

    Lgbt and BLM stuffer from oppression delusions. They want special rights

  21. When I was a young pup and they had just outlawed smoking on airplanes (much to the chagrin of left wing conservative cigarette lives matter activists) I had a flight attendant on a flight from ATL to HSV who said:
    “Here at [TWA?] we believe in the individuals’ right to smoke. Therefore, if you do want to smoke during the flight, we ask that you quietly exit the aircraft and close the door behind you.”

    I thought that was pretty good.

    Maybe anyone who feels the need to express political opinion, virtue signal, or be a dick in general should be allowed to, so long as they exist the aircraft and close the door behind them.

  22. Ah, Americans and their obsession with “freedom of expression”, at all costs, typically over sanity, common sense, politeness, good manners, and so on. No wonder the country is melting down into a cesspool of unrelenting gun violence, racism, sectarianism, petty identity politics, and can only find solace in celebrities to bring them together. Hard pass.

  23. Everything Biden touches turns to sh!t……

    He truly is Jimmy Carter 2.0


  24. All political expression is the SAME. That’s why there’s no real problem if flight attendants wear a swastika pin on their clothes. It’s just POLITICS, dawg, no different than wearing a BLM pin to show support for people who don’t want the cops to shoot them, or choke them, or bust in their heads for driving while black. Nazis didn’t want cops busting in their heads, either. You see? THE SAME. DUH.

    If people tell you earnestly that they prefer to be called by pronouns that fit their genuine gender identity, then obviously this is no different than my utterly bad faith argument that I should demand people call me by some arbitrary, made up identity just to be spiteful. DUH.

    HUMAN rights are SPECIAL rights. Only SPECIAL people get them. DUH.

    Huge capitalist corporations support their employees wearing BLM buttons because they like that BLM founders are Marxists, because that’s what huge capitalist corporations support, Marxism and the nationalization of all means of production; it has nothing to do with huge capitalist corporations wanting to be viewed as caring about Americans and in the good graces of Americans who care about other Americans. DUH.

    Rightwing delusions of victimhood that express themselves in hatred of others is EXACTLY the same as expressions of support for fellow Americans whose lives are threatened every day. DUH.

    Seriously, this stuff is simple, people. SIMPLE.


  25. The truth is that the republican party only retains national relevance because of two institutions created to support slavery: the senate and the electoral college.

  26. @Steve you’re so easily manipulated it’s no wonder you but into the BLM propaganda and the their oppression delusion.

    People who need to tell everyone their pronouns are entitled defective people.

  27. @Koggerj

    NicoZ is right on the money. The Senate was designed to give all states equal weight, regardless of population, and slave states didn’t have the numbers, they just had land and money. This in turn impacts laws that are passed and the Electoral college which determines the Executive that signs the laws, and the judiciary (voted on by the Senate) that determines the constitutionality of those laws. Only the House of Reps reflect true numbers, but those numbers are distorted by gerrymandering by Republicans. As a result, the GOP have lost the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 Presidential elections, but the outcomes of elections and the weight of judiciary do not reflect the general will of the American people. The further along we go, the more the US will be torn apart by a minority Republican party trying to keep in check a majority non-Republican populace through various non-democratic means.

  28. @Steve

    That was the was it was designed from day one and has nothing to with “keeping slavery” it was too keep this country from descending into mob rule and giving one state more power than the other.

    Gerrymandering is a democrat thing and up to 2010 was used primarily by them and it was only after they couldn’t have a monopoly anymore did they start to cry about it.

    Like with all things the democrat party ares hypocrites and liars and proudly used gerrymandering in new york. California and Illinois this year.

  29. Democrats have to rely on the poor and destitute to win elections with their propaganda and identity politics. They truly are a fifth column.

  30. @Steve – Please return any degrees you have to the nearest Cracker Jack box.

    If we look at the Election of 1792, the first election after the adoption of the current Constitution that all states participated in, the largest state, by far, is Virginia, with 21. You might recall Virginia had a rather large number of slaves (39% of the population, only South Carolina had a bigger percentage.). It was one of those Big States the small states worried about dominating under a purely proportional government. In fact, if not for the 3/5ths compromise, and the Senate, it would have been even more powerful. The US population at the time of ratification was tilted toward the southern states, it’s why the South dominated the US government pre-Civil War and the South saw the election of Lincoln as such a threat – they knew that the north and west were beginning to dominate US politics by population and without an expansion of slavery into the western states, the south was doomed to no longer control US politics.

    Contrary to your thought that the Senate allowed for southern control of US politics at the time of ratification, it was the smaller northern states who demanded the Senate to have even a small voice in the government. At the time of ratification, the smallest US states were: Delaware (15% slave), Rhode Island (1% slave), Georgia (35% slave), and New Hampshire (0.1% slave). Only Georgia was what we would consider a “slave state”, although it was an important institution in Delaware. And FWIW, all states except Massachusetts had slaves in 1790, although they were obviously concentrated In Maryland and points south, but New York was 6% slave. The biggest states in total population were Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts/Maine, and Pennsylvania. The biggest free white states were Massachusetts/Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.

    Suffice it to say, your basic proposition that slave states didn’t have the population at the time of ratification is just flat out wrong. There are a whole lot of complicating factors in the compromise that brought about the Constitution, but the slave states being small is not one of them. And you don’t get to retcon later developments in how the Senate and Electoral College were used – no one at the Constitutional Convention had a crystal ball.

  31. @Koggerj
    The system for the Senate was created not simply to prevent “mob rule” but specifically to persuade slave states they would be able to maintain power in the legislative, judiciary, and executive systems to keep slavery. This is also why the 3/5 compromise was created. It was baked into the Constitution.

    Gendermandering isn’t a “Democrat thing,” you maroon. It was named after a man named Gerry in 1812 for the Democratic-Republican Party, and it has been used by all parties thereafter, but it’s been used most aggressively by the GOP in the last decades to specifically and intentionally target and reduce the voting strength of people of color, which courts have repeatedly ruled.

    To get into a forth that gerrymandering has been used in New York, California, and Illinois is a pathetic statement, as those are three states where Democrats have massive popularity and don’t even need gerrymandering at the federal level. It would be like complaining that Republicans are gerrymandering Idaho. Where it matters most is in the purple states like North Carolina and Wisconsin, and this is where GOP gerrymandering has been most egregious.

    Third, your statement that Democrats “rely on the poor and destitute” is, like… not only inaccurate — for example, people with college and graduate degrees are overwhelming Democratic voters — but deeply insulting to your fellow Americans who _are_ poor and destitute. The whole point of America is that it’s a place where the poor and destitute (should) get a chance. It’s written on the Statue of Liberty. It’s in the Declaration of Independence. It’s written in our national DNA. I get that it doesn’t exist in how YOU view America, where apparently the poor and destitute should know their place and STFU.

    Lastly, “identity politics” are what is the heart and soul of right wing reactionary politics. The whining and gnashing of teeth on Fox News and other propaganda networks are almost entirely about how “Christian white men” are being victimized by… I don’t know, not being able to be a-holes to people like they used to feel free to?

    Right wing violence makes up 3/4 of all terrorist acts in the US; Islamic violence makes up 1/5; and left wing terrorism less than 1/20. In their ignorance and blind terror, conservatives in the US have increasingly decided it’s okay to be terrorists like the Jan 6 insurrectionists and murderers like Kyle Rittenhouse, making them the true fifth column in America.

  32. @C_M I will bow to the argument that the Senate was not created to protect slavery but only functioned as such from about 1820 onward. Can I have my degree back?

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