Giveaway: Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 Rollaboard

A couple of days ago I mentioned that this blog would be carried both in its usual place and over at the National Car Rental Facebook Page as part of their ‘Go Like a Pro’ feature.

Since National is a perennial favorite of business travelers for their ‘Emerald Aisle’ (pick your own car offering), it makes sense to bring unfiltered travel advice to their customers through their communications channels, I think it’s what I would do if I were them also, brand myself as the place for savvy travelers period and explain my offerings that way too.

They’re not paying me, I do have elite status with National (though they aren’t the only rental car chain with which I have status), and I asked them if they might have a few things I could give away to my readers.

One of the best things a serious traveler can have is a serious roll aboard, and they’ve generously offered a Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 to be given away to one of my readers.

They sent this photo of the bag:

For some sense of things, it looks like Amazon has the bag discounted from $500 down to $300. It’s a serious bag, and hopefully giving it away makes this a serious blog too. Hah!

  • All you need to do to enter is leave a comment to this post, either what you like in a carry on bag or in a rental car.
  • Only enter once. Anyone leaving more than one comment will not be eligible to win.
  • I will draw a winning comment at random using
  • The contest will remain open for entries through Sunday, April 24 at 6pm Eastern.

This is a giveaway, I don’t get anything by offering it, all interpretations of rules are mine and it isn’t mean to be a strict terms and conditions just a friendly gesture to benefit readers. If you have a question, please don’t post it as a comment here since you only get one entry! Instead email me.

Enter away, good luck on the carry on, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity, National!

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  1. I always bring my own cd’s but every so often on other brands, the stereo won’t play mp3 cd’s.

  2. I like having a lightweight bag that wheels easily and can hold enough clothes and materials for an international trip without checking luggaage. I prefer to have my bag with me for ease of changing itineraries if needed.

  3. I like when you can pick the car you want, it’s reasonable and is free of that ash tray smell.

  4. I like a bag that rolls smoothy and can handle the occasional gate check without breaking.

  5. I like a carry on that’s sturdy, but light enough to lift up to store in the overhead bin.

  6. I like a bag is one that rolls easily: my heals aren’t run over, the bag doesn’t tip over a curb

  7. I like it when carry-on have expandable option (on zippers) and when the wheels are rolling smooth and stable (some kind of rubber rather than plastic)

  8. I like a bag (the smaller one) with lots of pockets — for umbrella, water bottle, passport and boarding passes, keys, eye mask, warm socks,etc. I got a new version of my old faithful and it doesn’t have as many of these good spots.

  9. I like renting a car where it always has the automatic locking and trunk opening with the fob. As a solo woman traveller this makes a big difference to me and is greatly appreciated. Plus Sirus with the Bruce Springsteen channel available 🙂

  10. Sturdy enough to handle years of abuse yet light enough to heft in and out of overheads…

  11. I like a NO HASSLE rental car experience–no hidden extraS, don;t bug me about the insurance, and no need to inspect it with a magnifyng glass when I return it!

  12. I like a bag that maximizes the use of space in the overhead, by making its rolling machinery as small as possible.

  13. I like a rental car with a trunk so I can hide my personal belongings and decrease the chances of theft. Thanks for the great blog!

  14. I like sturdy, well made, nice looking carry-ons, like Victorinox.

    Thanks for giving away free stuff! I like free stuff.

  15. I like winning. Thanks for randomly selecting me! Rental cars are fun, because you get to drive something different than your own car.

    I also like carry-on bags that are lightweight and can hold a lot of stuff for international travel, since I don’t check luggage.

  16. I like luggage that are sturdy and the zipper won’t break after a year. Tom Bihn do make very good laptop bags. I wish they’ll go into luggage business.

  17. I like a carry-on that is light and maneuverable but strong. I recently had a check-through zipper ripped off – just as it reached the carousel – so I’m very fussy about zippers now.

  18. Protected corners. I’ve had several bags wear out in the corners, making the zipper inop. Doesn’t matter how well the bag is constructed once the zipper goes Tango Uniform.

  19. I missed the contest, but I’ll offer the advice to National: I want cruise control without an upsell. If none of your compacts (or midsize or whatever) on the lot have cruise control, help me find a car that does, and don’t charge me extra for it.

    As for bags, I love the Victorinox Werks series — they’re lightweight, and the warranty support can’t be beat.

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