Watch Delta Kick This Passenger Off Flight For His Offensive Hoodie

Delta Air Lines kicked off a passenger that was wearing an “F- Biden” hoodie. He eventually took off the hoodie, but was removed prior to departure anyway over mask compliance issues. The man might have tried the less offensive “Let’s Go Brandon” instead.

Warning, this video includes images that are ‘NSFW’:

He says “last time I checked I live in the United States of America with the first amendment, freedom of press, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion do I not?” (Or is it the Magnited States Of America?)

Indeed, the first amendment protects this sort of language as protest attire against government sanction (Cf. Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15) but doesn’t preclude private businesses from adopting rules regarding attire.

Delta for its part says in response that they have no clothing policy “you can wear what you want” but that’s not actually accurate, either. Non-revs, at least, cannot travel in underwear or swimwear alone.

The passenger takes off his offensive hoodie while complaining about having to wear a mask. He’s then kicked off the flight for not wearing his mask and in response he says he’ll put the mask back on if the flight atteendant asks him nicely. He also argues that wearing a mask “the last time the whole flight” but not on this one should be sufficient.

In cancelling and refunding his ticket, a Delta agent cited both the attire and mask issues as justification. At least “Let’s Go Brandon” tried to be a little more subtle.

American Airlines for its part allows ‘F- Cancer’ masks but not ‘F- 12’ ones while Alaska Airlines won’t allow you to fly with an ‘F- Your Feelings’ mask or any other F-bomb dropping masks.

Airlines often have broadly-worded dress codes that passengers may run afoul of whenever a gate agent or flight attendant finds that attire inappropriate. They’re never enforced uniformly, which is hard. But political opinions involving f-bombs are generally not a good idea inside of metal tubes where other people are trapped with you for hours. There’s significant risk it will not end well.

Boy I miss the days when the only issue with attire was passengers deemed too sexy to fly.

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  1. Has anyone else noticed this has become a right of passage for an upper lower class segment of the population?

    Wether it’s this or protesting wearing a mask once on board a plane. These people go back to their trailer park, or parent’s basement and brag about how they’re patriots.

  2. I think you can make the argument that the First Amendment extends to the airlines since the airlines are, in effect, state actors and enforce countless federal regulations and laws, including those with criminal penalties attached for noncompliance.

  3. Gee, none of the airlines complained when passengers were wearing “Fuck Trump” shirts and hats . . .

  4. I love how 1KBrad somehow creates a false narrative about airlines not “complaining” about passengers wearing “Fuck Trump” shirts and hats without producing a scintilla of evidence. Way to go Brad.

  5. I’m very happy to wear my hoodie, USS John S McCain. Navy already said there will never be a ship named USS Trump. I beg to differ. We should call all johns on the ship Donald.

  6. Fair is fair with comments on presidents….

    if you allow a F– Trump shirt….you should allow a F– Biden or Lets go brandon shirt……

  7. @Bob Fleck: United Airlines, SFO-EWR.

    The couple were cheered as they did their walk of shame to economy class.

    I was there. I saw it.

  8. Seems like a somewhat of nice guy but clearly he was making the job harder for all on board by being defiant and cranky/ controlling to a large degree.Basically exasperating issues further
    I too would like to behave like that but I don’t for as number of good reasons
    Grow up already!!
    He invites issues regardless of Deltas policy.The govt rule is masks on board and pax must be in compliance for now.Also don’t think its appropriate regardless of airline policy to have offensive language on your clothing on a plane in restaurant etc Do young children need that as an example walking with their family in the park?Great role model
    For me I prefer him of the plane until his behavior is better all the way around as once ni the air who knows what may be next? Follow the rules and grow up.
    See how they react to you in China and Russia the Middle East for your end outcome
    If you think its so bad in America you’ll come back like a civilized citizen grateful where you are lucky enough to live

  9. Why are people on both sides such pieces of shit? Fuck Biden/Trump are not appropriate I’m a metal tube when we are trying to reduce air incidents. And honestly, anyone who believes in either of these turds that much are just morons. You have little understanding of global or domestic politics but just want affirmation that other idiots share your views.

    The only more inappropriate plane attire is Gary in his bathroom pajamas photos faze

  10. Everything has to be labelled offensive as everything is offensive to some. It really shows that select groups are allowed a voice and are allowed to be offended by not others. If 5% of the public (lgbt) are offended by something, the headline in a media story will be offensive or controversial so and so policy or comment. If 60% of the public (Christian for example) are offended by something, the media story will say so and so has great support of civil rights groups and any criticism by groups is labelled as hate.

    We can’t win with words or logic or telling the truth with these people. Other avenues must be pursued.

  11. @dwondermeant:

    “Follow the rules and grow up”

    The Nazis would have liked you at Auschwitz.


    “anyone who believes in either of these turds that much are just morons”


  12. I wish people would wake up to the real problem. Appearing in public wearing something disgusting is the problem. Doesn’t matter who you want to f*ck. Putting that on your chest is just low-class. Your beliefs and opinions should be shared with your friends and family; the public doesn’t want to know what you think about anything. Put your time and energy into something productive instead of these trashy clothes.

  13. The poor man is confused about freedom of speech. Governments can’t abridge freedom of speech that is unless anyone dares mention any discussion about conscious and unconscious bias, privilege, discrimination, and oppression or gender lectures and discussions. Those matters are outlawed in schools in several states.

  14. Jackson….do you really think 60% are christians? That 60% of people, who think some woman in the sky created all of us 5k years ago…they really are the majority? The same group of people who are cool with their christian priests giving their sons the shocker?

    Yep, we should cater to them. They are the chosen people. But God forbid…she;d be devastated if anyone made those 5% a wedding cake!!!!

  15. Huey Judy, you are correct.

    The challenge is that, as a society, we’ve lost our sense of civility and decency.

  16. @Shaun

    A very small percentage of people are actual Christians who base their lives around scripture, however, about 60% of the country calls themselves Christian and does some customs around it. These 60% of the public may find a policy or position offensive and hateful but it will not be labelled offensive by the media or in a headline of a travel blogger. If 5% of the population (lgbt) considers it offensive, the media and institutions will oblige and apply the offensive label. It’s a double standard.

    People being forced to do something against their will is compulsory labor; aka slavery. 70% of people in the country find laws or policies that bankrupt bakers through civil law offensive. Of course, that’s not how the media will label those laws.

  17. Profanity on attire while traveling should be a absolute “No.” End of discussion. Let’s try and keep the experience classy, safe and comfortable for everyone.

  18. Such inane and juvenile personal attacks. I’m disappointed
    Put on your thinking caps people!
    This is my Friday Night Fights entertainment!

  19. Wow, 1KBrad, way to godwin the thread.

    re your utterly shameful / shamless comparison of “mask hurt facee!” with millions of people being brutally slaughtered, I’ll just say that if you don’t have any relatives that died in the Holocaust please shove your disgusting rhetoric where the sun don’t shine. If you DO have relatives that perished at the hands of the Nazis, then they are likely rolling over in the grave at your gobsmacking disrespect and lack of perspective.

  20. Mr. Waterston, I’m still trying to figure you out. I find your various angles of attack…..interesting.

  21. Dam straight Adam! Sad that it’s a common tactic among extreme nut republicans to exploit the memories of holocaust survivors. Darn evil if you ask me…..

  22. I recall the date and where I was when the SF Earthquake hit in 1989 during the World Series game, where I was when I saw the Twin Towers hit by terrorists, where I was when Kennedy was assassinated.

    @1KBrad recalls the date and time he witnessed a F* Trump shirt worn on a plane.

    Pretty much puts it in perspective.

  23. Jorge, in a prior comment to another article, Mr. Waterson expressly endorsed national socialism (Nazi-ism). His comments to other articles are consistent with that endorsement. In a comment to this article he concludes, “We can’t win with words or logic or telling the truth with these people. Other avenues must be pursued.” What might these other avenues be? From various comments, one might gather that he supports a “certain brand” of Christianity.

    There is a little-known but politically powerful Christian organization referred to as The Family. It was led for many years by Doug Coe. Doug was the most influential person in American (and world) politics for 50+ years . . . who no one knew. Look up the organization and look up Doug Coe. A tenet of the organization is that democracy is an abomination unto God and it influences toward the consolidation of power in the hands of a few because they are chosen. I don’t know if Mr. Waterson is affiliated with The Family but his comments seem consistent with its doctrine.

    (Before anyone accuses me of being an atheistic lefty, I am Christian and belong to one of the oldest and conservative Christian organizations in existence.)

  24. Why can’t people just be normal? Why do these assholes insist on making everyone’s lives around them shitty by starting shit?

  25. I’m not a huge Biden supporter (though he was MUCH better than the alternative) so first this stuck me as kind of funny.

    But if they don’t have anything written in policies, it is just the FA is picking on him (because she is a control freak and/or doesn’t have anything better to do). No, his shirt was not appropriate, but doesn’t she have other more impt things to do? Apparently not.

    And if there is no Delta policy prohibiting profanity on attire (because policymakers still are hoping people will behave civilly in public?), not sure they can argue this point.

    That said, if you want to get to your destination just do what the FA says (99% of time). Even if they’re wrong, not worth the argument/time/aggravation.

  26. This is why there are buses and Spirit Airlines for this low life trash. There is NO First Amendment when you make YOURSELF look like an IDIOT.

    Play stupid games and win the IODIOT OF THE WEEK award.

  27. 1KBrad you are sooo right about it… Usually its the like Trump shirts getting kicked off…and what is wrong with this foreign sounding FA?? She really needs some work and a write-up for her behavior..He took his hoodie off and was putting his mask on but she still was obnoxious… and took him off… I guess she is a BIDen lover??

  28. Thanks Reno Joe. I have read about the Family. Scary stuff! JW seems to have some out there beliefs. The one that concerns me most is his urging people to personally take revenge on others (like law enforcement) when they’ve done you wrong. That’s anarchy, not a good thing. Who decides what’s actionable?

  29. Delta’s contract of carriage does indeed at least mention dress.
    “…By way of example, and without limitation, Delta may refuse to transport or may remove passengers from its aircraft in any of the following situations:…
    “8) When the passenger’s conduct, attire, hygiene or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers.”

    Seems to me that applies no matter whom your shirt is trying to f*ck.

  30. Reading these comments, I am reminded to quote Bugs Bunny…”What a maroon”. Leave your filthy language and politics at home, when you get on a plane, shut up and do as you are told. When you get off think as you please.

  31. I used to see vulgar Trump stuff all the time and no one ever said a word. Flight attendants, like hotel clerks are way more often very liberal leaning persons. Its ridiculous that passengers have to deal with this.

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