Male Model Slipped While Boarding. Now He’s Suing Lufthansa for $8 Million.

In 1984 a California man was tossing his toddler up and down in his living room. The kid loved it, and the father went higher and higher. Until the kid’s head hit the ceiling fan. Which was on. And the man sued the ceiling fan manufacturer for failing to warn him that this might be dangerous.

This wasn’t the only man to sue over failure to warn after a ceiling fan injury.

In a case that only would have sympathy for the customer, a male model is suing Lufthansa for $8 million because he fell down because of “wet and oily residue” while boarding a London – Munich flight in 2012.

Nick Harrold says that he hasn’t been able to get any modeling work since he now has a “disfiguring squint.” He hurt his knee and couldn’t work. He damaged his teeth but that was repairable. But this suit for the first time claims he now squints because of the injury and so no one wants to hire him.

And that it isn’t because he’s 56 years old. Indeed, Lufthansa says he hadn’t actually worked for several years as a model before the incident, and that it was the 1980s and 90s where he had an active career modeling for Armani, Ralph Lauren, and even… Lufthansa.

Apparently Harrold was part of a Lufthansa first class ad at one point.

LUfthansa First Class Back in the Day

The man’s lawyer says he now needs to be photoshopped because of his squinting, a claim that apparently wasn’t mentioned for several years after the incident. And he says his knee is still an issue, that it “has been locking and it would not be a great trait for a model to fall off the catwalk in Milan into the crowd.”

Goodness knows strange medical conditions can develop when you have the chance to sue. One woman developed arthritis as a result of a Singapore Airlines flight attendant spilling a drink on her husband. A man sued Austrian Airlines when he got his pinky caught in a tray table. Another man sued American Airlines for turbulence he claimed gave him a brain injury.

Saturday Night Live put it best,

Let’s be frank, what does a ‘No Trespassing’ sign mean when you’re as drunk as I was?

They can have their $2.6 million back, but who’ll give me back my tooth?

…Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering, maybe I should have sued?

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  1. My young son threw a rock in a parking lot, small rock but it broke a side window in a car. Body shop fixing the window tried to pin the cracked windshield on us as well, they even did the work and sent us the bill…until we called them on it. I’m disgusted when people try to pull a fast one, this guy is no different.

  2. 56 yr old model! Ha ha. Everyone knows that a gay 30 yr old is the same as a y5 yr old senior. His career was over when he out in weight and had a 31 inch waist.

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