Passengers Clap As Woman Kicked Off Flight, But That’s Not What’s Shocking In This Video

Passengers on this flight were clapping as a woman was kicked off for refusing to wear a mask. With Delta reporting 120 mask refuseniks have been banned from their airline, and American, United, and Southwest all requiring even two year olds now to wear masks and no longer permitting medical exemptions, this doesn’t surprise at all.

Even with fewer people traveling than ever before during the pandemic, conflict in a metal tube over surprisingly controversial subjects seems almost de rigueur.

So what’s actually shocking in this view – all the carry ons the woman has as she leaves the aircraft!

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  1. Of course it’s a flight departing from LAS (lest people wonder why Nevada is one of the states where COVID-19 is spiking again).

  2. I have to bring all these bags! I don’t want to wear a mask! White privilege!

  3. This is not white privileged

    I am ashamed of American culture for devolving into name calling and public shaming

    We need a return to God and empathy

  4. White privilege? LOL No, this is the typical science-denying, self-centered, free-dumb loving ideolog who lacks (or has abandoned) the skillset to think critically. That these people tend to be white does not make it an issue of white privilege.

  5. More than a few spoiled white bitches in Scottsdale, of all ages but especially the 40-80 range.

  6. Shame on her… very selfish. But also on American Airlines for letting her on in the first place – no mask and with too much to carry on. They are so afraid of raising an issue that people will get sick because of these idiots.

  7. Finally society is backlashing on these anti mask maniacs. No mask, no service! Sit home and enjoy your Covid!

  8. Gotta do it the smart way lady:

    1. Order a drink
    2. Drink it extremely slowly
    3. Keep the mask off the whole time
    4. If anyone says anything, just remind them that you’re allowed to remove the mask to eat and drink.

    I took 90 minutes to drink a coke on flight last week.

  9. @Joe – so you took 90 minutes to put your fellow Americans at risk. You deserve death penalty.

  10. Hey @Joe,

    You sound so proud of your passive-aggressive way to be a public health threat. Guess you don’t have the guts to just say “no mask for me.” Same end result though. You’re self-centered and enjoy being a contrary brat.

  11. @Joe why don’t you go crack open a new cold bottle of corona and nurse it in your bed

  12. @Joe, because of self-centered antisocial inconsiderate twits like you the virus cases are skyrocketing …
    If you don‘t want to wear a mask, stay the fuck at home!

  13. Hey @Joe, why don’t you give us your last name and region where you live so we can check the obituaries and note when you leave this earth.

  14. Actually, I got sick for a few days after the trip – sore throat, stuffy nose. Do any of you armchair epidemiologists think it was the ‘rona?

  15. There was a whole lot more to this story. Apparently she insisted on being boarded first, caused a scene at the gate and refused to put her phone away on the plane when asked to do so. Wasn’t just about a mask this passenger was a problem the entire time.

  16. Joe seems to be playing from the Senator Ted Cruz playbook on flights: use a food/beverage container/package as an excuse to minimize using a mask to cover the nose and mouth during the flights.

  17. Yup. Airlines need to start doing something to address people like that. On another website, someone said he’d spend 90 minutes to eat a cookie. Some really immature spoiled people out there. They must have been those kids in school who were in the Discipline office half the time. I think the only thing airlines can do is put in a clause to also be able to ban anyone who “abuses” their guidelines. Keep an eye on passengers. If they seem to spend way to long to eat or drink, ask them to kindly finish. If they continue to not comply and appear to be flouting the rules, those people need to also be put on a list of banned passengers. Seems that’s the only thing that works with some people.

  18. @Joe
    That “90 minutes” to finish a drink may be a reason in why some flight attendants don’t serve anything in the flight.

  19. You just can win as a flyer these days. Fly a mainline carrier like AA and you have to deal with an entitled Karen refusing to wear a mask. Fly Spirit and you risk getting assaulted by a Quanesha.

  20. Quite a change in response to anti-maskers. A couple of weeks ago, the ratio of pro-mask vs. anti mask comments was about 2 to 1, now only Joe stands out as a science denier.

  21. Putting aside the moral aspect of the mask requirement, I’m interested in the legalities of mandatory masking on the plane. DOT says no discrimination based on disability, religious belief, gender, etc. Again, putting aside the moral aspect of it, what is in the law?

  22. How about you all stop calling selfish b#$%hes a Karen? She was wrong and suffered the consequences for being stupid. I don’t like masks either but I wear them. It’s calling every person you don’t agree with a Karen that bothers me. My parents named me Karen. The origin of my name, which means ‘pure’ in Danish sure doesn’t fit your definition. Please, find another name for these people….

  23. @Karen
    While I support you and never use the term “Karen”, my name is “John”. Which, of course can either refer to a toilet or a prostitutes client. LOL.

  24. While I wear a mask and agree it is essential right now especially on an airplane I disagree with all of the nuts on this blog politicizing the issue and making it a race item as well. This crosses all political and racial barriers. There are stupid people on the left and right and stupid people from ALL races. Please leave your ideological philosophy at home.

  25. WileyDog, I do understand and don’t think I have ever used your name “that” way. My grandmother used to drum it into all of us girls that we needed to use “polite language” when speaking of the “ladies room”…….

  26. What’s with all this hostility? Are we not all travel enthusiasts?

    I cant wait for my next flight next month. I’ll wear my “Make America Great Again” mask and see how long it will take a polish off another coke. Does anyone think I can do it in two hours?

  27. Of course there was someone attempting to instigate by making comments on board. And of course, people follow in with applause. People could just mind their own business. What a thought…

  28. @joe you are like THAT guy who does not wash his hands after the trip to the lavatory, and goes around touching everything and spreading your feces without remorse. And then bragging about it. What…..a…..loser.

  29. @m
    m sends a link that actually states the opposite of the links words. The first statement in the article is “People with psychopathic and narcissistic personality traits are more likely to ignore coronavirus restrictions and to hoard food and toilet paper, research shows.”
    We know Joe is a psychopath and he revels in his trolls. But I sleep well knowing POTUS is up at 4am fretting over his sinking polls. LOL.

  30. They lost me on the effectiveness of masks when they released prisoners instead of just giving them masks.

  31. Joe (above), obviously you could care less how many people you kill. I know you voted for Trump. You and your KKK friends should all swap spit at your meetings.

  32. What a crock of Liberal garbage. Masks do virtually NOTHING. The best thing to do if you’re worried about contracting the CCP virus, is to stay the hell off of airplanes. So-called “Social distancing” accomplishes FAR more than any mask this side of an N-95 will ever do.

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