Passengers Debate The Meaning Of ‘Wearing A Mask’ As United Flight Prepares To Head To Vegas

Bill Clinton once famously defended his truthfulness, responding to charges of perjury, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” He had claimed there is “nothing going on” with Monica Lewinsky, and suggested that was true at the time he said it and that is refers to the present tense.

A woman on board a United Airlines flight to Las Vegas became similarly philosophical about language, claiming she is “wearing a mask” albeit not using it to actually cover her mouth.

A furious United Airlines passenger was caught on video screaming ‘I’m wearing a f***ing mask’ while pulling the face covering beneath her mouth on a flight to Las Vegas.

…’I’m wearing a mask, I’m wearing a mask, I need to get to Vegas,’ the woman says, becoming more irate by the moment.


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Other passengers disputed her take on what it means to wear a mask, with one heard saying “You’re not wearing a mask, you’re not wearing a mask.”

The flight’s pilot can be heard in the video being similarly vague in use of language, saying that the flight will leave in an “expeditious manner” albeit delayed by this woman. Will it be expeditious, or delayed?

That’s when the woman takes her bag and begins to walk down the aisle… “before sliding into an empty seat a few rows ahead.” But everyone wants to leave in an ‘expeditious manner’ so another passenger yells at her to ‘get off’ as passengers can be heard “cussing out the woman.”

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  1. It seems like all you’ve written about lately is altercations with masks on flights. Can you pick a new topic?

  2. If 2% of our population is mentally ill. Odds are there will be at least one nut job on every flight. Why not convert the mini bathrooms into padded cages to house them in and deplane them after all the rest of the passengers.

  3. I’m with @Tim. Unless there’s some compelling detail of interest, maybe this is a topic best left alone for a while due to overuse.

  4. Yeah Gary…along with the other comments, let’s drop the irate white trash videos and get back to why this site exists in the first place….

    People using hotels for prostitution!

  5. Agree with Tim completely. Gary, grow up. You’ve turned what was an informative, interesting blog into a venue to broadcast your boring, predictable political views. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one is interested in anything you have to offer other than your (usually insightful) thoughts on travel, spending, et al.

  6. While there are some people who are fully transparent (in their dealings with other people), isn’t it fair to say that nearly all of us wear a mask every day?

  7. 100% of ppl born on planet earth r mentally ill. Passive aggression alone is 86%. Is that mentally healthy? Racism is not measured as it is a tool for governments to use and North America finds it lucrative. There r kleptomania on the rise and many delusions and illusions. Do u think if only 2% were mentally ill we would be in this deplorable state on this planet?

  8. Congrats on the click but linking to a story about a person behaving badly is turning your usually incisive blog into a travel version of the Daily Mail. Peace.

  9. If someone can’t figure out how to properly wear a mask at this point then maybe they are too stupid to be allowed to fly alone.

  10. Gary.. Love your comments and musings about morons not wearing masks (most of which are Trump insurrectionists and domestic terrorist QAnon supporters) and please continue to single out these inconsiderate jerks.

  11. Obsessed with masks much? Quick question: if you are wearing a mask and go into a fish market, can you still smell the fish? ANS: Of course you can. Because masks can’t even begin to stop the those molecules floating around that allow you to smell (actually taste) stuff. And guess what? A virus is far smaller than those aromatic molecules floating around. And yet there are still people that seriously think a mask will stop a virus. I will admit, science will tell us masks will stop globs of spit if someone attempts to cough or sneeze or spit in your face, but most of us were taught basic manners and tend to avoid that sort of behavior. So I will agree that if you’re the kind of person who tend to sneeze in people’s faces or tries to french kiss strangers on airplanes or grocery stores, by all means, please wear a mask. Otherwise, practice basic manners and you’re free to hang around me.

  12. 28% of the population will vote Republican no matter what. Bush never got lower than that. Trump either.
    The Republicam party is now whatever Trump says it is. The GOP platform, (on their website) still says that they are all-in on Trump. Check for yourself.
    Trump weponized Republicans to ignore science and not wear a mask to prevent viral transmission. Because freedom. And he didn’t look good in a mask.
    28% of Americams become COVID kamakazis, and the rest of us have to tolerate it.
    Well, except for the half million now dead.
    The woman? She was wearing a chinstrap.
    Throw her ass off the plane, and put her on the DO NOT FLY list.
    Because she is free to think, say, and do anything she wants. Just far away from the rest of us thst want to get on with life.
    Gary – keep it up. Dealing with these idiots is now part of the travel experience. To pretend it isn’t would leave us unprepared.
    Those who choose not to behave on a plane need to know that is NOT tolerated.
    And before someone “both sides” me, consider your peers and their behavior. Are they doing all they can to keep their fellow Americans alive?
    Is it too much a sacrifice to wear a mask in public?

  13. Ugly people should all wear a mask. It saves us beautiful people from the horror of seeing their bad skin, big noses, and and missing teeth

  14. @Joey – SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus – which causes COVID-19, itself is very small as you mentioned, and if isolated would not be blocked by a face mask, but its not usually isolated when spread from an individual as it attaches itself to aerosols from mucus, spit, liquid from your cough or sneeze, and other bodily fluids, which are larger than the size of the virus by itself. As a result, aerosols with the coronavirus are able to be trapped within the filtering design of surgical and n95 masks. However, non-filtering polyester or cotton single layer masks have gaps in the material that may trap mucus and spit, but not small size aerosols. Therefore I hope this helps you understand and correct your misunderstanding of how this virus is spread.

  15. Gary’s blog, Gary’s right to write what he chooses to be applicable. If there is too much of stuff you’d rather not read, don’t click on the link and move on with your lives. If he notices a drop in readers, he’ll get the message.

    However, I personally think the post is worth reading, so I’ll continue to click on them.

    For the record, it makes no sense that people object to masks when scientific evidence has shown it can slow the spread of the pandemic.

    Those complaining and not willing to wear one in public (especially in an enclosed space) due to inconvenience are just selfish a$$holes.

  16. If wearing a mask is SO INCONVENIENT for you, just stay home. You’re not helping.

  17. How much longer do you want to have the virus WIN?

    America is one of the worst losers to the virus already when you compare to most similar countries around the world, including Canada, so let’s not help the virus more. Mask up, or STAY HOME.

  18. Masks affect our emotional state. That’s why all the “Craziness” this year. More CO2, less O2. Out come the people with their oximeter stories..which don’t measure squat in regards to this. Doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure this out.

    We breath out FAT too (Look up that on BBC)….so inhibiting breathing makes us fatter…more susceptible to C19.

    Someday we’ll wake up from this idiocy.

  19. @whocares…

    By your mistaken theory, that would mean that all doctors and nurses are insane.

    In the real world: my wife, wearing an N95 mask, had an oxygenation level of 99%.

    Republicans tend to love conspiracy theories, it appears.

  20. If you can’t wear a mask don’t travel, period. It’s not up for debate whether you think you should or not because then you don’t need to travel. Americans are seen across the world as a joke in their response to COVID and this just highlights why.

  21. @Matt- If you don’t want to be around others not wearing a mask don’t travel, period. It’s not up for debate whether you think you should or not because then you don’t need to travel.

  22. love how the haters of “mask porn” help Gary generate more comments and clicks. Keep it coming.

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