The End of the A310 and Shouldn’t the TSA Believe Women?

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  1. I got to fly that Azores Airlines plane BOS-PDL last year and flew in one of their new a321s this year. I had a good flight on both. I know that Azores Airlines is famous for bad customer service, but I didn’t see it.

  2. Wasn’t this a variant of the AA plane whose tail snapped off over Fire Island in 2001? Hopefully the composite technology has progressed since then :/

  3. Believe all women…ha! Yeah right. Oh I forgot, women never lie, do they? Should we also believe all men too, or is it just a special right for women to bypass pesky things like evidence, presumption of innocence, due process, etc.?

  4. @WR so you support full, unbiased, unimpeded, unobstructed investigations by law enforcement into sexual assault and harassment cases? You haven’t locked up Hillary Clinton yet, and Roy Moore almost got elected.

    Oh, “I move on them like a bitch, I grab them by the pussy. And they let me do it.” seems to be a nice starting point for said investigation. Just saying. Or does this somehow qualify for “special right… to bypass pesky things like evidence, presumption of innocence, due process, etc.”

    And before you start screaming whatabouts: William Jefferson Clinton had a consensual affair, and Al Franken quit.

    Way to miss the entire point. Sicko.

  5. @steve: In a manner of speaking, yes. The aircraft involved in the incident that you refer to was an A300, which was, at one time, widely used by American. Flown in many of them myself, especially on routes to and from Latin America. Those have long since been sold off and/or retired and now you often get a 737 knee-crusher instead.

    Anyhow, the A310 is basically a shortened version of the A300.

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