This Man Flew American Airlines, Carried Cash, But Failed To Prove It Wasn’t Part Of Any Crimes

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  1. Whatever happened to the principal that you are “innocent until proven guilty”??? I missed when we switch to the Napoleonic Code where the burden is not on the government but the accused!

  2. Regarding the smell of corruption in Travis County, what did you expect when all but one current council members and the mayor of Austin are affiliated with the Party of the Jackass?

  3. Very bright “businessman” carrying $30k+ cash to PHX.
    Mama says, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  4. Seriously ??? With the high crime rate nearly everywhere, such as murder, burglaries, auto theft, domestic abuse, home invasions, to name just a few, don’t county police have enough to do ? Pretty sure the citizens would say they can think of plenty of other serious crimes to keep them busy. Shame on the court for not releasing the money when no arrest was even made.

  5. Ridiculous. You cannot prove a negative. (Just try to prove that you don’t have a twin brother somewhere in the world who was separated from you at birth.) Incidentally that’s why idiot Bush’s demand that Saddam prove he didn’t have WMDs (itself a term that could cover almost anything) was absurd. But then logic isn’t the strong suit of bureaucratic minds. And I wonder if this would have happened if the man was white.

  6. It’s a liberal belief individuals shouldn’t be able to do what they want to their own bodies and own money (product of their labor and capital). These laws are a product of that belief. This man is another victim of the war on drugs for which these laws were created.

    It’s a shame both parties are complicit in the infringement of freedom and persecution of the individual. We will never get anywhere good until we nominate and elect politicians who denounce cops/agents who enforce these leftist laws (like the war on drugs/civil asset forfeiture /gun control/tax laws/speech laws) instead of calling them heroes. These politicians should be mobilizing 100 million citizens to replace every single cop/deputy at a municipal/city and county level with patriots who will defend against government theft instead of perpetrate it.

    The momentum against civil asset forfeiture is dead. Politicians from both sides 5 years ago pretended that they cared and it was all an act. Both parties don’t think citizens should be able to spend without strict government control and oversight over our lives.

  7. This guy needs a gofundme account. The thugs in Phoenix will do everything they can to keep his money.

  8. @ddricherd
    Before you go into a race bating conversation check your facts, timbs vs Indiana, is one of many corrupt Civil forfeiture cases by police, not race

  9. I’m all for forfeiture if a person is convicted of a crime. If not, it is blatantly unconstitutional and a mark of a dictatorship.

  10. “It’s a liberal belief individuals shouldn’t be able to do what they want to their own bodies”

    LOL. That’s funny. Remind me again which party is telling women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies?

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